Staying at The Venetian in Macao

With a beautiful bridge, floating gondolas, cloudless blue skies and A/C, visiting Macau and admiring the Venetian Macao could even trump traveling to Italy itself! But seriously, let me tell you about my experience staying in the largest single structure hotel building in Asia - it's definitely worth writing home about. Getting to the Venetian Macao From the ferry terminal, you...

Visiting Kerry in Ireland – Part I

Are you someone who, after watching a romantic comedy based in Ireland, couldn’t stop dreaming about going there? I was, and I’m sure I’m not alone! The film that caught my eye was Leap Year, in which a girl travels to Ireland to propose to her boyfriend. She starts her journey in county Kerry in a town called Dingle, and...

My Road Trip to Kuala Lumpur from Singapore by bus

When we started to plan our round the world trip, we were challenged with seeing as much as we could within the time we had. By the time we reached Singapore, having visited New York, Hawaii and Japan already, we only had one more flight scheduled, from Singapore to London.  But with two weeks at our fingertips, I didn’t want...

Staying at Marina Bay Sands

We started our journey around the world in New York, then stopped off in Hawaii and Tokyo before heading to Singapore, which is where I’m writing about today. It wasn't easy to leave Tokyo - the city is fascinating and I wish I had more time to explore it. On top of that, our flight to Singapore was at midnight...

5 Seriously Special Places To Stay In Santorini Available On Airbnb!

Big blue skies, immaculate azure oceans, dazzling white buildings… Santorini is an island that is stealing the hearts of almost everyone. From couples to island hoppers to honeymooners, it seems the romance of this island is impossible to resist. And when it’s natural beauty is enhanced by blue-domed churches dotting the cliffside and blue windows and doors punctuating the...

Have You Ever Seen Luxury Like These 5 Best Spa Hotels?

Sometimes life gets so crazy, I feel like just booking myself into a luxury spa hotel for a long weekend and not coming back out until I absolutely have to get back to work. The more I’ve been thinking about it lately, the more attractive the idea of turning my next vacation into an unforgettable wellness weekend appeals. One that...

5 Unique Places to Stay, from Cornwall to Africa!

Each hotel tends to have its own particular charm. While you do get reliability, if you always stick to popular franchises, they’ll all start to look the same at some point. That’s why I’ve made it my mission to find the most unique places to stay, from Cornwall to Africa! These are the hotels and Airbnbs that create a holiday...

A Traveller’s Handbook For Visiting Mallorca

Mallora - Essential information
I’ve just touched down from this beautiful Balearic island after a wonderful week away. It wasn't my first time visiting Mallorca, but it was the first time I’ve explored more than one beach, where I spent the majority of my last holiday. Mallorca is a Spanish island and part of the Balearics island chain. How to get to Mallorca Searching for...

Eat, Pray and Love Yourself: Top 4 Bali Yoga Retreats

If you felt inspired by the beautiful images of Balí in the movie starring Julia Roberts, why not make it a starting point for your journey of self-discovery?

Looking for Unique Accommodations? We’ve Got You Covered!

Tongabezi Unique Accommodation
Each hotel tends to have its own particular charm but if you keep sticking to popular franchises, they’ll all start looking the same to you at some point. That’s why I’ve made it my mission to find the most unique accommodations from around the world: these are the types of hotels and Airbnbs that pretty much offer a holiday...



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