Are you someone who, after watching a romantic comedy based in Ireland, couldn’t stop dreaming about going there? I was, and I’m sure I’m not alone! The film that caught my eye was Leap Year, in which a girl travels to Ireland to propose to her boyfriend.

She starts her journey in county Kerry in a town called Dingle, and even though the film was made in other parts of Ireland, I was very excited when I got my invitation for a birthday party in Tralee – the largest town in County Kerry.

Kerry is one of 26 counties in Ireland. Located in the southwest, it’s the most mountainous region of Ireland, home to two of the three tallest peaks in the country: Carrauntoohil and Mount Brandon. You’ll also find the dramatic Atlantic coastline, National Parks and stunning lakes here, so visiting Kerry offers a whole world of adventure. Here, I explore how to get there and where to stay in Kerry in Ireland.

How to get to Kerry in Ireland

Kerry airport

This is the closest airport but also the smallest one. You can get there from London or Dublin on a quick and easy one-hour flight. Once you arrive, you can hail a taxi, but it is better to book one ahead before arriving, just to make sure there’s one available.

There is no public transport available, so your other option (and my preferred one) is to hire a car. Find out why I think Ireland makes the perfect place for a road trip here.

Flights to Kerry are very affordable – great if you’re visiting Kerry in Ireland on a budget.

Shannon airport

Located two hours away from Kerry, this international airport is reachable from further afield, including USA cities like New York and Atlanta. In addition to renting a car, you can also take a bus or train for your onward journey to Kerry.

Cork international airport

Located 90 minutes away from Kerry in Ireland, this airport is well-connected with European cities. It also has good bus and train options, as well as rental car companies, making your journey easy.

Train or bus to Tralee, Farranfore and Killarney

If you’re travelling to Dublin or are already in Ireland, then the train or bus could be the best option for you to reach Kerry. You can book your train ticket at

Where to stay in Kerry

Kerry in Ireland is home to a whole host of places to stay, from top of the range to budget friendly. You can choose from everything from massive Airbnb properties and five-star hotels to charming B&Bs and guest houses.

Some of the most beautiful towns in Kerry are Waterville, Killarney, Dingle and Caherdaniel. Kerry is also full of stunning little villages where you can find a perfect place to stay if you’d like to venture off the beaten track a little. Here are five of my favourite places to stay in Kerry to help you choose.

Castlerosse Holiday Homes, Killarney

These holiday homes are private houses, perfect for families. Stay here and you’ll feel at one with nature, soaking up the tranquil environment and relaxing atmosphere, all with a beautiful backdrop of mountains.

An Bothar Pub, Tiduff

This hidden-away guest house is close to Dingle, giving you the perfect chance to enjoy the Irish countryside away from most other tourists. This place also has a proper local pub and restaurant – great for living like the locals!

Coastguard House @ Tigh T.P at Ballydavid

Located near a small fishing village right by the coast, book yourself a double room here and you can wake up to a soothing sea view every day.

Kells Bay House and Gardens, Kells

This stylish hotel is located on the Ring of Kerry, and on top of its stunning location, it also has a beautiful palm garden for guests to enjoy.

The Europe Hotel & Resort, Killarney

This one is perfect for a luxury getaway. The top-class resort has a fabulous spa and is located near the mountains and the the lake, showcasing spectacular views.

Want more? Check out these ultra romantic getaways, including gorgeous Ireland, right here.

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  1. Hi!
    Looks like this needs to be on my list! Love the pic with the green moss on the trees overlooking the water. Thanks for the good directions and plan!

  2. We just returned from a road trip around Ireland that included the ring of kerry. What a stunning part of Ireland. So many beautiful areas. We could not take enough photos and videos of this place. The country as a whole is incredibly beautiful.

  3. What a gorgeous place! Road trips through Ireland sound like an awesome way to see the country. I would be taking photos the whole time if I was there!

  4. Ahaha, I love the intro of this article! I have lots of Ireland-based movies in my DVD library and always watch them when I start missing Ireland. Because that country really stole my heart! Kerry is perhaps one of the most stunning parts and makes for a great road trip! Can’t wait to read part two 😉

  5. The county Kerry is gorgeous! When I watch GOT its when I would like to visit Ireland! As a vivid hiker, I feel it must be great for hiking around here! Kerry is another excellent reason of why one should visit Ireland once in their life time! Perhaps already this summer for us!?

  6. More places to visit in Ireland! My wife had a work related visit to Dublin recently, when she managed to sneak in a day trip to the Cliffs of Moher. I was completely captivated by the landscape and am planning a visit some time soon. I’m adding Kerry to my itinerary for when I get to Ireland

  7. I have heard great things about Kerry. I have not seen Leap year, neither have I been to Ireland. After reading your blog, I am curious about both. I love mountains and natural places, so Kerry is totally my kind of place! I prefer traveling by train and bus, so that is another reason for me to explore Kerr since it is well connected via public transport. I loved all the pictures!

  8. Kerry looks stunning. I’m still far from going but it looks like I’ll have to get there one day. Have never watched the movie you mentioned though.

  9. I will be visiting Kerry in June this year and I am so excited! I have already booked my stay so reading about how to get there and where to stay isn’t as helpful for me right now as would be the list of things to do 🙂 We are driving there and will be spending a night in Killarney and one in Tralee as well (in a castle hotel!). I am so excited! I haven’t seen the movie you’re speaking about (Leap Year) but maybe I will now!

  10. OMG I love Leap year! One of my favorites. It’s actually a major reason why I wanted to road trip around Ireland haha. Keeping this guide close by. Thank you. I loved reading it. So inspiring.

  11. I could relate on your introduction on this blog. Watching movies set in different countries kindly my love to travel around the world. Kerry is such an amazing place I would love to visit someday. The photos you have in here are very surreal and its like visiting Kerry would be absolutely a dream come true for me.

  12. What caught my attention was the picture of the forest with the thick greens What is that place exactly and do they offer trekking trips? Kerry is a new name for me, but I am going to read up more.

  13. The natural beauty of Kerry is amazing. Thanks for sharing. I’ve wanted to visit Ireland for a long time, these are some really useful tips for me and my family.

  14. I’ve been wanting to visit Ireland for a while now, and this looks like an amazing place to explore. Your pictures really show the beauty of the countryside!

  15. I had not heard of that movie so now I’m gonna have to go see it to see what you mean! I think I would be visiting here when I visit Dublin so I’d take your tip about taking the train. I’m sure the scenery would be amazing along the way! What a luxurious hotel and great location by the forest!

  16. Love the detailed insight information on your post, I am visiting Ireland next year, I have to check out Kerry. The photos look amazing.


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