When was the last time you managed to fly hand luggage only and not feel totally naked?

Let’s be honest, no one travels these days with a light bag, filled with just a few dresses and essential makeup. Every time I travel I feel like I pack more accessories than actual clothes! Being a travel blogger only makes packing trickier – we do need to create a beautiful selection of Instagram snaps, after all!

All of this makes packing space a premium. Here are the 10 travel accessories I couldn’t go travelling without. How many are on your must-have list, too?

Note: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning I make a very small percentage of money on sales at no extra cost to you to help keep this site running. That being said, all products mentioned are ones I genuinely love that have enhanced my travel experience.

1. Canon 5D mark IV  + lens Canon 24-70mm

This piece of camera kit is heavy but it’s amazing! I remember when I first had the chance to play with this camera a few years ago – I knew right then that I needed it in my life! It’s on the expensive side and took me a while to save up for, it but it has proven itself to be well worth the investment. This camera puts you in perfect control of the photographs you’re trying to take.

2. Canon PowerShot G7X

That being said, it’s super handy to carry a smaller camera too! This one fits perfectly into a small bag, so it’s my go-to for evenings out or long days of walking. You’ll still capture  really good photos and I would highly recommend it as a travel camera. It also connects with your smartphone via Bluetooth, so you can share your photos right away – a big bonus for a travel blogger!

3. GoPro

I bought a GoPro for my American road trip to make a memorable video of our journey. I couldn’t have chosen better. This piece of kit is lightweight, waterproof and takes winning shots!

4. iPhone 

This is a great phone. It takes good quality photos too, making it a handy alternative when I don’t want to take any of my other cameras out. I know everyone has different preferences about phones, but, for me, the easy interface of the iPhone is unbeatable.

5. Tripod

Travelling with a tripod takes up a lot of space in your suitcase, so I never used to pack one. Then, when I went to Dubai last year, I saw this amazing skyline at night and I was so frustrated I didn’t have a tripod with me! You can’t take a perfect photograph like this, no matter how stable your hands are, without one. I did a little research after the trip and purchased a pretty good travel tripod. It doesn’t weigh as much as my regular one and I am pretty satisfied with the results I get.

6. Portable Charger Battery

This is something I definitely couldn’t leave the house without! Out of all my travel accessories, this one has saved my life so many times when my phone has died. I now have three portable charger batteries – just in case!

7. Waterproof Phone Case

Whether you’ll be photographing sealife or taking wanderlust-inducing snaps from your infinity pool, a waterproof phone case is every tourist and travel blogger’s essential.

8. Luggage Scale

This is a cheap and small gadget that can save you from repacking your suitcase in front of everyone while you check in! Stow it in your suitcase and you can weigh your luggage at any point during the trip – great if you’ve done some souvenir shopping and need to make sure you won’t face a surprise extra-luggage bill at the airport!

9. Universal Travel Adapter

These travel accessories come in the form of an international plug to which you can connect and charge four devices via USB at the same time.  It’s very helpful when you travel with your partner or family so you don’t have to fight over which phone gets charged first! Life (and your trip!) is far too short to spend doing that…

10. Noice cancelling headphones

These noise control headphones are the best thing in the world when you sit down to a long flight beside a crying baby. You’ll never fly without them again!

What are your favourite travel accessories? Have you found any hidden gems?

Travel accessories for your trip
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  1. It’s great to see post like this! I would like to be a real travel blogger so this this very helpful for me!
    And! I just love that you writing in English!!

  2. OMG, this post is timely. I need most of these items on the list for my overseas trip in December. Last time I went overseas I spent a lot of time at the airport sorting my luggage coz i was over the limit but with that scale I won’t have to worry. Thanks for this – pinning and tweeting!

  3. Ah at least I’m not the only one carrying around a big camer, a small camera & a go pro! ;))
    I have to buy the noise reduction headphones too, i didn’t know it existed in pink too! :))

  4. Hey! Question for you – when you travel, where do you pack your camera and laptop? Do you have one big carry on bag? I’m facing this dilemma this week.

  5. All my tech gadgets come first on my packing list too! I was tossing up between buying a DSLR or not, but I ended up buying a micro four thirds which isn’t as bulky. Although I am looking for a small vlogging camera to add to my collection.

  6. I love the gear you travel with. My bag is a little bit smaller since I only use my iPhone and my computer to quickly store everything on it, and that’s about it… Looking forward to expanding my collection.

  7. Great essentials! I shoot with the Canon 5D Mark II, and my dad shoots with the Mark III. They are both fantastic cameras! For me, I usually also pack a few different lenses for my camera, and I cannot go ANYWHERE without my laptop! It is my most essential item when traveling.

  8. We have a lot of essentials in common 😉 one big one outside of those is my notebook & pen. I always get my best ideas/inspiration when I’m anywhere but home. Being able to actually write them down helps me. (Plus, I can make a list of the other 382 places I found out about to visit another trip haha)

  9. Although I am a Nikon user, but high-five on the GoPro which has become my GoTo camera these days even for still photography. The iPhone is great and handy as a camera too and I still have to get used to carrying a tripod which I don’t at present. Recently got the luggage weigh which is a lifesaver. Thanks for a great list.


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