My Road Trip to Kuala Lumpur from Singapore by bus

When we started to plan our round the world trip, we were challenged with seeing as much as we could within the time we had. By the time we reached Singapore, having visited New York, Hawaii and Japan already, we only had one more flight scheduled, from Singapore to London.  But with two weeks at our fingertips, I didn’t want...

How to travel around London

How to travel around London
It won’t take you long when you travel around London to realise that you can't walk anywhere. The public transport in London is expensive but you do have a lot of options. There’s the underground, buses, taxis, bikes and even boats, it’s easier than you think to travel around London. This guide will show you the transport ropes -...

How To Get To London By Plane, Train, Coach or Car

London is a dream for many people. It's a wonderful city full of attractions where you definitely won't be bored. But, before you can unravel the delights of England’s capital city, you need to make plans for getting to London first. Here are your four main transport options.Some of the links in this post are affiliate links which mean...

How to get to Krakow and how to travel around the city

travelling to Krakow
When you consider that it’s the second largest city in Poland, it’s not much of a surprise that Krakow is easy to get to. You’ll find this fantastic city in the southern part of Poland, ready and waiting to steal your hearts. There are four easy ways to get to Krakow, and once you arrive, there are diverse public transport...

Five ways to travel around Europe without flying

road trip
If your base is in the UK, then continental Europe is just waiting for you to explore it. Cross one small sea, place your feet on the ground, and you’re ready to set off! But how? Being one large land mass with a long, meandering coastline, there are lots of ways to travel around Europe. Hopping from one flight to another...

Visit Berlin : The Berlin Public Transport System

Stylish Travlrs guide to getting around Berlin by bus, train or bike and current prices of tickets. Don't fall for the over priced tickets or scams.

Visit Berlin: Getting to the city

There is nothing more frustrating then arriving in a new city and not knowing your way around the public transport, taxi, or rail system. Help is here with my guide to getting into the city of Berlin.