With a beautiful bridge, floating gondolas, cloudless blue skies and A/C, visiting Macau and admiring the Venetian Macao could even trump traveling to Italy itself! But seriously, let me tell you about my experience staying in the largest single structure hotel building in Asia – it’s definitely worth writing home about.

Getting to the Venetian Macao

From the ferry terminal, you can take a bus, shuttle or taxi to your resort. We decided to take a taxi because we had luggage and we were already tired, having travelled from Vietnam (more on what to do in Vietnam here).

Arriving at the hotel

When you arrive at Venetian Macao, at first you don’t see how big it is. The lobby is right near the taxi stand, which is great because it means minimal walking times with luggage to carry. There are bell boys outside, but none came to help us, so we were grateful for the easy transfer!

Checking in to the Venetian Macao

The check-in was quick and easy, and then the adventures began. Carrying heavy suitcases over a carpet in a hotel was the first challenge, but finding the right elevator in the right part of the building added another, especially as you had to walk through the casino to get there!

Large-scale living

After what seemed like forever, we got to our room. I was shocked at how big it was. It had a bedroom, living room and huge bathroom. I didn’t book a suite so I can only imagine how big those must be!

The living space had a working desk, a huge TV, couch and table. There was another TV in the open-plan bedroom – there’s no dividing wall between living and sleeping areas, with two queen size beds. The bathroom had a shower and a bath, twin sinks and a separate W.C.

But what really made our room at the Venetian Macao amazing was the view. It was stunning, especially at night.

Cruising by the casino

After leaving our luggage, we decided to eat something and head out of the hotel. Every time we left our room or the hotel, we had to pass through the casino, which is rumoured to be the largest in the world. It was always busy no matter what time we headed through. We decided not to play but it was fun to watch people getting so excited about every game.

A shopper’s paradise

Shopping in Venetian is definitely for everyone. There is a luxury mall area called the Four Seasons where you find shops like Rolex, Tiffany & Co, Chanel, Dior, Fendi or Louis Vuitton. The other part of Venetian shopping centre has world-known brands like Victoria’s Secret, Bershka, H&M, Converse and Sunglass Hut.

If you are a shopaholic, you better book yourself a few nights in a resort as the whole complex has 350 duty-free shops.

Finding spots for dinner

Finding a restaurant was challenging. We looked online and went for a Chinese restaurant somewhere between Venetian and Parisian Macau. It was called Pearl Dragon and was perfectly nice but not amazing.

The whole complex has 25 restaurants, two bars, a food court and smaller outlets like Starbucks or McDonald’s. For our second night, we decided to eat at a bar called McSorley’s Ale House, which had an English and Irish menu.

The resort experience at The Venetian Macao

It’s impressive just how big the Venetian Macao actually is! We managed to get lost a few times and it took us at least half an hour to find a pool. It was well worth the navigational challenges though, because the pool was incredible. Definitely pay it a visit.

The hotel and casino are decorated in a true Italian style with pastel facades, decorated arches, columns and gondolas riding around the resort. There’s also a gym and live entertainment, so you’re never short of things to do staying at The Venetian Macao.

My one word of advice? Don’t get so lost within the resort that you don’t explore the rest of Macau beyond. Discover how to spend 24 hours exploring Macau with my traveller-tested guide.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful to see! Stunning from the minute you walk in, to the indoor shops with the water! I lived in Vegas for a short while and now I know how realistic they made this hotel to this one in Macao!

  2. This is a dream place! It is sooo beautiful! I definitely need to see it its gorgeous thanks for sharing!

  3. Have you ever been to the Venetian in Las Vegas? It reminds me of that one and I always enjoyed walking around there. Your room looks amazing. I can’t believe how huge it is, especially because you said it isn’t a suite. I love how there is a separate tub and shower in the bathroom. I have a thing for big bathrooms! Looks like a wonderful stay.

  4. Wow this looks absolutely magical!!! We loved Italy but our gondola ride was SO HOT! love the idea of a luxury experience in the AC!

  5. This is luxury at it’s best. The facilities are just awesome and such holidays turn out to be so very refreshing. The rooms too are so spacious and look so comfortable. Haven’t been to Macao but when me and my wife visit this is undoubtedly the place where we would stay.

  6. hi
    well, the property does look ornamental I think id the word to use. No wonder I am sure it is designed to awe the visitor as they arrive. The wonders of Macau vibes I must say. Do you think that the staff should have been a bit more attentive? Large properties I feel should cater to even more diligent hospitality.

  7. We were so sorry we did not get to Macao when we visited Hong Kong. Now I am even sorrier that we did not plan to stay at the Venetian in Macao. I can see why you called it large scale living. I am not a gambler but I love wandering around places like this that recreate another reality.

  8. What a cool place! I’ve never been to Vegas, but I have been to Venice and this looks exactly the same. How luxurious – thanks for sharing!

  9. I stayed here too and totally loved it!!! I was in a media trip for bloggers in Macao so we were really treated well at the Venetian! The funniest thing I remember here was that being backpackers, my partner and I arrived only with slippers (at the time, it was a Southeast Asian trip so there wasn’t a need for shoes). We weren’t let in until we bought our shoes in the nearby crazy expensive stores! Thanks for sharing! Xx

  10. What a beautiful concept! If I were to replicate a place on earth Venice would be at the top. The Venetian looks to have captured the architecture and charm of the real deal perfectly! Such a neat way to experience a bit of Italy without flying have across the globe.


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