The ultimate guide to Cartagena, Colombia

Cartagena; it's the most beautiful town of Colombia. This port city is home to a preserved colonial old town with beautiful beaches and the eternal sun. I chose to visit this city over Bogota and I am so glad I did. Flights to Cartagena take two hours from Miami, so very quickly you can find yourself in a Caribbean...

10 Things to Know Before You Visit Rio de Janeiro

So you’ve booked your flight, got your visa and found the best place to stay in Rio. You’re well on your way to jetting off on holiday, but there’s more to do than simply pack your suitcase. Now, it's time to find out 10 things you need to know before you visit Rio de Janeiro. 1. Learn some Portuguese Many travelers...

Flying to Tokyo and Typhoon Lan

When I booked Tokyo for the next destination of our round-the-world trip, I thought travelling in Tokyo would be a lot more complicated than it was. I’ve visited countries before where the alphabet isn’t made up of letters I know, but after reading other traveller’s tips about how little was translated, I was nervous! Luckily, language barriers weren’t as...

30 Must-See New York City Landmarks and Attractions

It's always been my dream to visit New York City. From my very first sights of New York City landmarks on TV, I’ve been hooked, and when I was 22 I made my first journey. Now it’s become an annual tradition to visit this vibrant city. There’s no better way to spend the weekend than getting lost in the concrete...

20 Must-See London Landmarks and Attractions

Step onto the bustling city streets of London and you’ll soon be swept up by the buzzing city. The capital of the UK offers world-class tourism, with everything from foodie escapes to postcard moment sightseeing, history and even natural spaces. Make sure you don’t miss out on the best London landmarks with this essential travel guide. 1. The London Eye Soaring to...

7 hand luggage hacks that make packing easy!

When you’re only travelling with hand luggage, packing can feel like a serious challenge. And if you’re travelling for more than a weekend, trying to cram everything you need into hand luggage is enough to make you want to cancel the trip! But it doesn’t need to be that way… Even when I wasn’t taking my large camera, I never...

Three real-life road trip ideas

If you had to choose your favourite way to travel, right here, right now, what would it be? By plane? Train? Boat? Or maybe by car, like me? There’s nothing I love better than road trips! Let me tell you why. When you head out on a road trip, you have the freedom to explore so many wonderful places en...

The 10 travel accessories I can’t leave home without

Top Ten Travel essentials
When was the last time you managed to fly hand luggage only and not feel totally naked? Let's be honest, no one travels these days with a light bag, filled with just a few dresses and essential makeup. Every time I travel I feel like I pack more accessories than actual clothes! Being a travel blogger only makes packing trickier...

A Road Trip Across America Part 3: The Apache Trail & the Canyons

The road trip across America series continues. Join me on my 5,000+ mile journey. Including the Grand Canyon, The Apache Trail, and my journey back to NH.




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