If you’ve read my previous blog about the wonderful stay at Rimba, you’d have an idea of how amazing the hotels at Ayana Resort are. Now, I’d like to share more about my incredible stay at Segara—a newly opened hotel at AYANA Resort, featuring vibrant surroundings and spacious rooms with ocean or Jimbaran Bay views.

Segara is a beautiful hotel with three restaurants, two pools, a gym and just like Rimba it shares all the facilities within AYANA Resort and has access to three breakfast outlet, Rock bar, Kubu Beach and Kids Club 

Checking in at Segara was a breeze – swift and hassle-free. Soon after, I found myself being swiftly guided to my room, marking the beginning of a seamlessly enjoyable stay.

Ocean View Room 

There’s nothing better than waking up on your holiday, stepping onto a balcony, and gazing at the ocean. My room was perfect – featuring a large king-size bed, a comfortable couch, a table with a chair, a mini bar, a marble bathroom equipped with a shower, bath, and Japanese toilet, a 55-inch LED TV, a coffee and tea station, a spacious walk-in wardrobe, and a beautiful couch on the balcony. I genuinely loved the room’s style, especially with its charming wooden elements. It’s incredibly pretty.

The pool 

The main pool at Segara is the only indoor-outdoor pool at Ayana Resort. It’s a perfect place for swimming and chilling. You can spend some time in sun lounges or cabanas, and you can order food from the Karang restaurant, which is just next door. The views were fantastic, making my stay at Segara even more awesome.

Welcome drink at Luna Rooftop Pool 

Once I had unpacked, my next destination was the Luna Rooftop Bar. This charming spot offers a wonderful ambiance, making it an ideal place to spend the entire day or just grab a drink in the evening, all while relishing the breathtaking sunset views. The rooftop setting adds a touch of magic, creating a perfect setting for relaxation and enjoyment.

Dinner at Scusa

Following a delightful sunset drink at Luna’s terrace lounge in Segara, our evening took a charming turn as we ventured to Scusa for dinner. This inviting restaurant, located amidst the breezy ambiance of the terrace, specialises in serving delectable Mediterranean flavours, creating the perfect backdrop for a romantic and enjoyable dining experience.

With both indoor and outdoor seating options, Scusa provides a versatile setting to suit varying preferences. As we settled into our chosen spot, the pleasing atmosphere was complemented by the soothing notes of live music, enhancing the overall ambiance.

Our culinary journey at Scusa unfolded with a tantalising array of dishes, each contributing to a memorable dining experience. From the exquisite beef carpaccio to the refreshing lobster salad and the indulgent surf and turf, the menu showcased a delightful blend of flavours and textures.

The combination of flavourful cuisine, cosy surroundings, and the musical accompaniment made our evening at Scusa truly special. It’s a place where the simplicity of good food and a charming atmosphere come together, creating moments to savour and cherish.

Breakfast at Karang 

The next morning, I went for breakfast at a restaurant located by the pool. Karang offers a selection of pan-Asian and globally inspired dishes, including an international breakfast with an amazing variety of classic Western dishes as well as some Asian items. On the first day, I decided to keep it a bit light as we had a visit to the spa afterward. However, on my second day, I chose to be a bit more adventurous. Instead of the classic eggs, I went for some Balinese fried rice, Korean beef bulgogi, Chinese dumplings, sushi, and some donuts. Everything was really good. I also love the modern Balinese architecture of this restaurant.

Thalassotherapy at AYANA Spa

Before arriving at Ayana Resort, Thalassotherapy was a mystery to me. However, I soon discovered that it’s a therapy using seawater and sea-related ingredients to promote health, featuring treatments like sea baths and massages. What made it even more fascinating was that the Thalassotherapy experience at Ayana was set up like a maze, with different sections offering various massages and treatments. 

It was absolutely amazing! The sea water treatment was so relaxing, and my skin felt incredible. The massage and spa vibes were perfect, putting me in a really good mood.

And speaking of the spa itself – it’s massive and hands down the most incredible ones I’ve ever seen! Ayana offers a variety of wonderful treatments, from massages and Ocean Rituals to Rainforest Rituals, Balinese Healing, Nakatsuji Method, Body Treatments, and much more. It’s like a haven for relaxation, and I’m already looking forward to my next visit

Lunch at Sami Sami

After a truly amazing time at the spa, I headed to Sami Sami for lunch. This beautiful restaurant offers stunning views of the Indian Ocean and serves mostly Italian cuisine. The experience was fantastic as we indulged in a delicious salad and pizza. The highlight of the meal was the dessert – we tried the AYANA organic farm’s lemon cake and panna cotta, and both were absolutely amazing. The combination of great food, a scenic setting, and the lingering relaxation from the spa made my lunch at Sami Sami truly special.

Sunset dinner at Rock Bar 

Dinner at the Rock Bar was supposed to be the cherry on top of my stay at Sagrada. I had seen this world-famous bar, perched on a rock, all over social media, and I was really looking forward to my dinner there.

Staying at Ayana gives you priority access, and I went there to watch the sunset on my last day. I literally got the best seats, right next to the DJ, overlooking the sea. Unfortunately, the weather had different plans, and after a cocktail, I had to move to a restaurant upstairs as it was raining heavily. I continued my dinner, enjoying my lobster orzo and some delicious dessert while watching a thunderstorm over the ocean in the distance.

I am glad that at least I had a chance to see this place for a drink, as it’s a really unique and wonderful spot. I’ll definitely try to go back there someday for a sunset.

As I mentioned before, staying at Rimba and Sagrada provides you with access to all facilities at AYANA Resort. Unfortunately, I only had 5 days there, so I wasn’t able to spend more time in some of those places. However, if you stay there, you can also enjoy access to private Kubu beach, the Kids club, Cabana Work Suite, UNIQUE Workspace with a forest view, jogging trails, a few more pools at Ayana Lobby and Ayana Villas, and several additional restaurants.

My stay at Segara in Ayana Resort was a dream! From the chic room with ocean views to the cool pool and romantic dinner at Scusa, every moment was pure bliss. The Italian lunch at Sami Sami and the unexpected delights at the Rock Bar added to the magic. Segara  exceeded my expectations, and I can’t wait to return

I have collaborated with Ayana Resort, and I want to clarify that all opinions expressed on this blog about the hotel are solely my own honest perspectives.

Additionally, some of the links in this post are affiliate links which mean that if you choose to book through it I earn a small commission at no cost to you. I appreciate your support to keep this site up and running!


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