While many travellers typically choose accommodations in popular Bali hotspots like Canggu, Seminyak, Kuta, or Ubud, there’s an undiscovered gem worth considering – Sanur. Nestled on the tranquil southeast side of the island, this picturesque haven boasts serene vibes, golden sand beaches, and breathtaking views, offering a more secluded and enchanting escape.

Having just returned from a memorable stay at The Pavilions in Sanur, I couldn’t wait to share the unique charm of this Balinese haven. The traditional villas, complete with private pools, provided an authentic touch to my accommodation. What truly captured my heart was the secluded beauty and privacy that enveloped my villa, making it a truly enchanting retreat.

Upon our arrival at the reception, we received a warm welcome, and we were shown our villa. It was amazing from the first impression when I saw my last name was ingrained above the door.

I have collaborated with The Pavilions Bali, and I want to clarify that all opinions expressed on this blog about the hotel are solely my own honest perspectives.

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The Villa 

Our villa boasted a spacious and beautifully appointed living room, adorned with a boho style couch set, a table surrounded by comfortable chairs, a generously sized fridge, and a large TV. The bedroom, secluded in its own space, featured a sizable bed, an additional table, and was seamlessly connected to a lavish bathroom.

Speaking of the bathroom, it was nothing short of grandeur! Sporting two sinks, a walk-in wardrobe, a toilet, a shower, and an enticing outdoor bath surrounded by lush plants, it offered a luxurious retreat within our accommodation.

Right in front of our villa was a large private pool with two lounge chairs, just perfect for chilling during our holiday.

Floating Afternoon tea 

The Pavilions Bali offers a few unique experiences, and one of them is an afternoon tea that can be delivered straight to your pool. Being a fan of floating breakfasts, I was really excited to try this on my first afternoon. The big basket with goodies was waiting for me as I changed into my swimsuit, and wow, the presentation and the food were amazing! I had coffee, sandwiches, cakes, and fruits. It was a lot of fun and a great way to spend time with my husband.


For a morning meal, all you need to do is place your order through the app the day before. You can pick your preferred dishes and select the delivery time. The options are fantastic, ranging from classic eggs to ham & cheese croissants, shakshuka, pancakes, French toasts, and more.

Everything arrives on time, and your breakfast is accompanied by coffee, juices, as well as some bread and pastries. I love the concept of staying in the room in the morning and eating the meal in private.

Cooking class 

Yet another incredible experience offered at The Pavilions Bali is a cooking class, providing insights into the basics of Balinese cuisine. I had a wonderful time learning how to prepare some of my favourite dishes, such as chicken satay and curry.

Our instructor shared fascinating information about various spices and seasonings, demonstrating step by step how to prepare each dish. The highlight? The culmination, where we had the pleasure of trying everything we had crafted! The results were truly delicious. To top it off, we received a recipe book, ensuring I’ll be attempting to recreate these culinary delights once I’m back home.

The cooking class took place at Jehe, the exclusive restaurant at The Pavilions offering a selection of Balinese dishes and seafood. Situated in a picturesque garden, it’s a truly beautiful setting.

The Pool 

While staying at The Pavilions, you don’t have to confine yourself to your villa the entire time. The main pool area, as stunning as the rest of the hotel, invites you to spend your day in leisure. Relax on the comfortable beds, bask in the tropical ambiance, or take a refreshing dip in the azure waters. For those seeking a touch of indulgence, enjoy a cocktail and a light meal by the pool – a perfect setting for both socialising and quiet relaxation. So, while your villa provides privacy and comfort, don’t miss the allure of The Pavilions’ beautiful main pool area.

Although my stay at The Pavilions was only for two nights, it felt like time flew by too quickly. I loved the spaciousness, the privacy, and the incredibly tasty food. It’s an ideal spot, whether you’re on a honeymoon or a family vacation. The atmosphere is just right for making beautiful memories and cherishing special moments. I’m already looking forward to the next opportunity to extend my stay and soak in the wonderful experience at The Pavilions

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