9 Of The Best Places To Eat In Krakow

Being Polish, I’m no stranger to questions about my home country’s local cuisine. People always ask me, “You're from Poland, so what's the food like over there?”. Well, I have good news for you - the food is great! Yes, some of the dishes are very heavy, but they’re worth it. Although, that being said, no restaurant will ever...

8 of the Best Places to Eat in Mallorca

Where to eat in Mallorca
I have a confession to make: Spanish food never excited me as much as other kitchens from around the world. Thai or Mexican would make my mouth water at the thought in seconds, but Spanish? It just passed me by... until I went out to eat in Mallorca. It was in Mallorca that I discovered the real magic of tapas...

The Fast Guide To Eating Out in the USA

Travel to the USA and you arrive in the land of slow-cooked, full on flavour, deliciously decadent food. From barbecues and smokeries to street food and silver service, the USA is home to a fantastic fusion of flavours, where southern, northern and international flavours meet. Whatever your dining style, here is a everything you need to know about eating out...

The Fast Guide To Eating Out in Europe

From Eastern European flavours to intense Italian indulgences and French fine dining, eating out in Europe has so much to offer every traveller. Petite portions In Europe the portion sizes are generally much smaller than you would find in the USA, for example. Feel free to order a small appetizer or starter, followed by a main dish and dessert. The smaller...

What to eat in Japan

what to eat in Japan
After a long day of exploring, what’s the one thing you need? Food. And you want it to be good. When you head off travelling it’s easy to end up missing out on a place’s culinary scene, quite simply because you don’t know where the best places you’d be dying to try are. If not, you might get to indulge...

Where and what to eat in Santorini

What to eat in Santorini
I had the best time in Santorini but the highlight was definitely the food. I take you through my experience of eating Greek cuisine in Santorini restaurants that will help you when travelling to Santorini. If you are a foodie travelling and love Greek food, then I have everything you need.

European Cuisine – Tasty Dishes from 10 Different Countries

One of the best parts of going on holiday is trying new food and recipes you may have never heard of. European cuisine has a whole world of scrumptious dishes to offer, so I figured I would do you all a favour and treat you to a list of the most delicious foods from ten European countries. Berenjenas con Miel...

What To Eat in Berlin

Besides all of the architecture, culture, and some of the best night life Europe has to offer, it is also good to know what to eat when visiting Berlin?