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Staying at The Venetian in Macao

With a beautiful bridge, floating gondolas, cloudless blue skies and A/C, visiting Macau and admiring the Venetian Macao could even trump traveling to Italy itself! But seriously, let me tell you about my experience staying in the largest single structure hotel building in Asia - it's definitely worth writing home about. Getting to the Venetian Macao From the ferry terminal, you...

How to spend a weekend in Toronto

Our weekend in Toronto was an unplanned trip. We had to go to NYC for a few days, so I thought we may as well tick off another country from my list and visit Canada while we were close by. After a weekend in Toronto, I was cross with myself for not visiting this country before, especially after living in...

My Holiday In Bali

It was time to leave Malaysia and head off on holiday in Bali! We took an Uber and even though we drove for almost an hour it was still pretty cheap. The driver left us at the international terminal of the airport, which doesn’t operate Air Asia flights. We did panic a little bit at this point because we...

Staying at Marina Bay Sands

We started our journey around the world in New York, then stopped off in Hawaii and Tokyo before heading to Singapore, which is where I’m writing about today. It wasn't easy to leave Tokyo - the city is fascinating and I wish I had more time to explore it. On top of that, our flight to Singapore was at midnight...

The Best Europe Winter Getaways

Seeing in the New Year from a mountain sounds like a magical idea. Offering adrenalin-filled winter sports, ultra relaxing spas and crisp, fresh air, there’s a lot to love about high-altitude holidays. Luckily there are many brilliant Europe winter getaways to experience the mountains for yourself. Here, we round up seven of the best Europe winter getaways to inspire you....

Flying to Tokyo and Typhoon Lan

When I booked Tokyo for the next destination of our round-the-world trip, I thought travelling in Tokyo would be a lot more complicated than it was. I’ve visited countries before where the alphabet isn’t made up of letters I know, but after reading other traveller’s tips about how little was translated, I was nervous! Luckily, language barriers weren’t as...



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