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Staying at The Venetian in Macao

With a beautiful bridge, floating gondolas, cloudless blue skies and A/C, visiting Macau and admiring the Venetian Macao could even trump traveling to Italy itself! But seriously, let me tell you about my experience staying in the largest single structure hotel building in Asia - it's definitely worth writing home about. Getting to the Venetian Macao From the ferry terminal, you...

One night cruise around Halong Bay

“It's overrated”, “it's dirty”, “it's full of tourists”. You can find a thousand opinions like that online about Halong Bay, but despite all the negative reviews, I took a chance and visited anyway. And do you know what? The experience was magical, so I'd encourage you to take the chance too. The legend of Halong Bay Ha Long is formed from...

How to spend 4 days in Seoul

South Korea… the land of… Exactly. The land of what? What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear South Korea? I won't lie. I didn't know much about the country besides where it is located and a vague flavour for their food. Back home there's a Korean restaurant near me, but who knows how authentic...

Southeast Asia: Where To Go

Whether you’re joining the gap year backpacker craze or planning a round-the-region trip, here’s the lowdown on where to go in Southeast Asia. Thailand From buzzy Bangkok to the tourist favourite of Phuket and the many paradise islands (try Koh Samui and Koh Phi Phi), Thailand has so much to offer every traveller. Exciting cities, tropical beaches, elephant sanctuaries... and let’s...

8 reasons to book your flights to South East Asia today

flights to south east asia
From saving money to making memories other travellers can only dream of, these eight reasons to book your flights to South East Asia today will have you packing your suitcase in seconds… Not convinced? Read on to find out why for yourself! Join the club of savvy spenders Busy collecting air miles with every flight? Or claiming cashback on clever...



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