We started our journey around the world in New York, then stopped off in Hawaii and Tokyo before heading to Singapore, which is where I’m writing about today. It wasn’t easy to leave Tokyo – the city is fascinating and I wish I had more time to explore it.

On top of that, our flight to Singapore was at midnight so after sightseeing all day, we were exhausted by the time we reached the airport. If only we could upgrade to first class! Luckily for me, I did manage to sleep for the entire flight again, which was with my new favourite airline JAL.

Where to stay in Singapore

When I booked my flights I knew I had to spend at least one night at Marina Bay Sands, the famous hotel known for having the world’s largest rooftop infinity pool. It was the only hotel I booked right away, because I knew it was very expensive and I worried that the price would just go up and up as the rooms filled. The average price for a room at Marina Bay Sands is about £280, but don’t forget the hidden extras that add up.

Getting to the hotel from the airport, on the other hand, was pretty cheap and quick too. Taxis are easy to find and everyone speaks good English. Uber is also available if you’d prefer.

My first impressions of Marina Bay Sands

What was my first impression after entering the hotel? It was an immersive experience and staring up at the modern architecture of the ceiling, which you have to see to believe, really put things into perspective. You immediately get a feeling of being in a vast, contemporary and luxurious hotel.

My first thought was to race straight to the roof to check out the pool with expansive views over the Singapore skyline for myself. But to get there you have to check in first, because the hotel pool is only open to guests.

The process was quick, professional and everyone was very nice. The lady informed us that the room was not yet ready (it was only 8am, normally check in starts at 3pm), but she offered us a pool entry card so we could sit down and have a bite to eat. We didn’t have to keep checking back at reception either – they emailed us as soon as our room was ready.

24 hours at Marina Bay Sands

The exciting elevator ride to the 57th floor was very quick. As the doors slid open and I stepped out, I finally got to see the view made famous by so many Instagram photos. Your view isn’t limited to the beautiful 150m infinity pool, either. From the pool, you can take in stunning city views, see the Sky Park with palm trees, Jacuzzis and Gardens by the Bay, as well as a few restaurants.

It was pretty early but we weren’t the only people there. After getting towels and changing into swimsuits, we chose our deck chairs, ordered some food and fell asleep! After our nap, we got an email around 10am to say our room was ready. I decided to stay by the pool for a bit longer while Eric took our luggage to the room.

Around 11am I made it up to the room only to discover I’d been sunburnt during my snooze! I went to the pool unprepared. Even though it was early morning and I was by an umbrella, I was still bang on the equator and very high up – something I wouldn’t forget twice!

Our room

The room was definitely much bigger than any other I’ve stayed in, especially after coming from Tokyo. In Tokyo our room was ⅓ of the size of our room at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. It had a massive and comfortable bed, a very large bathroom with a shower and bath and was very modern. The best part had to be the balcony though, with beautiful garden views.

The resort

The hotel is like a city in its own right! We had more time planned for Singapore later, so we decided to take it easy for the day and explore the massive resort on its own. I was a bit disappointed by the food options at Marina Bay Sands, though. You could only choose between some fancy restaurants or an Asian food court in the mall. For lunch we headed to a dumplings restaurant. It wasn’t the worst but the options were very limited.

Marina Bay Sands is not just a hotel with a pool. It’s also home to cinemas and theatres, a luxury mall with shops like Armani, Gucci and Tiffany & Co, many restaurants and bars, convention and exhibition facilities and a casino! It’s also located near to the ArtScience Museum and Gardens by the Bay.

Marina Bay Sands’ light show

The whole complex is pretty big, so before we knew it it was getting late. We’d heard that there is a light show in front of the hotel at 7pm, so we grabbed a camera and ran upstairs.

We decided to check the observatory area, which is available to everyone, not just hotel guests. The views were not much different to the vistas from the pool, though. It turned out we weren’t going to see the show too well from the top, so we dropped our camera back off at the room, jumped back into swimsuits and went back to the pool to enjoy the amazing night view.

Later on, we did get the chance to see the show from Gardens by the Bay from our wonderful balcony. We had little dinner, checked out the casino and had some overpriced drinks in one of the lobby bars.

So, overall was staying in Marina Bay Sands worth it? Yes. It was an expensive experience but I don’t regret it. Would I stay there again? Well, if money was no object absolutely! But for now I’m happy to reminisce about a relaxing and luxurious day with views that really are world-beating.

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  1. The view from the infinity pool is absolutely stunning, as were the views from your balcony. It looks like you could spend days in the hotel with the shops, movie theater, and restaurants.

  2. I’ve been to Singapore once, but we didn’t go to Marina Bay sands, just from a far. Seeing that pool in the roof top, wow! I have friends who went there too, and the view while you swim and relax, is just so cool!

  3. That hotel looks incredible! I was in SEA for 6 months in 2017 and was really bummed that I didn’t make it to Singapore! This just made me want to hop a plane back to Asia!

  4. Looks like such an incredible experience to stay at the Marina bay sans hotes – When I lived in Bali and traveled to and from South East Asia, I stopped over in Singapore so many times and although I’ve seen the hotel on many occasions (And took quite a few pictures of it) I’ve never been in it – I knew the cost would be quite expensive but what are the hidden charges they add?

  5. wow what incredible views! I’ve always heard about Marina Bay Sands but I never knew it was like a city in its own right…it sounds a bit pricey but worth if for a once in a lifetime experience!

  6. I never knew this was a hotel! Says a lot about my knowledge of Singapore. I’ve stayed at a few luxury hotels in my life but I’ve never seen anything like this! Singapore as a whole looks kind of utopian in a weird way, how’d you feel about the country as a whole? Would love to head there at some point in the new future!

  7. Wow Singapore is really an amazing country! Thanks for sharing this info. I would love to visit Marina Bay Sands in the future 🙂

  8. The Marina Sands is definitely one of the most popular sights in Singapore and yes, it’s a fun place. I particularly found the guys rowing guests around on the water in the shopping center hilarious. The hotel itself is certainly huge and that makes it impressive. But for a stay?! Since the Marina Sands is practically accessible for everybody, it leaks privacy. Yes, we were not allowed in the pool, but we had drinks at the bar right next to it and I thought if I was a guest there, I wouldn’t like to be part of the attraction. However, it is a must see place in Singapore – which definitely is one of my favorite cities in the world i. a. for its cultural diversity. (btw – people do speak good English since English is the official language 😉 )

  9. We stayed at Marina Bay Sands for 1 night as well when we visited Singapore and although it was expensive (pretty much around the same price as you paid), I really wanted to go to that infinity pool and so I felt it was totally worth it! We were also lucky enough to get a room with a view of the Gardens by the Bay and it was amazing! I must’ve spent at least 4-5 hours in that pool and then the evening at their lounge which was on the same floor as the pool and eventually the club there 🙂

  10. It is so grand inside! The check-in counters aren’t really what you expected though, it looks a bit like a cheap version of a W hotel, a bit disappointed for what we would’ve expected from this establishment. Staying at the Marina Bay Sand is obviously for its very known pool though and won’t disappoint anyone that is staying there!

  11. To be on that roof top in the infinity pool at the Marina bay sand was a dream of mine. But not anymore. The hotel itself and the views from all the corner of the hotel are spectacular no doubt about that! For me its just to expensive for such experience. But perhaps one day someone will offer me a stay for free…one can never know! I am glad though that you enjoyed it!

  12. Wow, this is such an amazing experience, I understand its experience but its worth every penny. Getting a chance to see Gardens by the Bay from the balcony is added benefit. The swimming pool looks amazing with the view of all buildings. The colors of the city well captured.

  13. I have heard so much about Marina Bay Sands, it makes me want to stay at this luxurious hotel too! Your photos of the hotel remind me of airport/mall. It’s HUGE!! It’s unfortunate to read though that the food options in this hotel is limited. I understand your excitement to see the famous pool. It would be the first thing that I will check too! 😉 The city view from the pool never gets tiring. It also looks amazing at night!

  14. We have been to Singapore twice and on both occasions we planned to stay at the Marina Bay Sands! Perhaps next time because it really looks fantastic and that pool! Wow!

  15. Aah I can understand why you had a hard time leaving Tokyo but Singapore looks just as great !
    I’d LOVE to go to stay at Marina Bay Sands some day just to see the view over the city from the infinity pool, it looks stunning ! 🙂

  16. I remember, maybe ten years ago, when I first started planning my own trips, I saw photos of Marina Bay and decided one day I would visit it and soak in that rooftop pool. I still haven’t but this article was a good reminder of my dreams 😉

  17. Man, can I just live in that infinity pool? That view is outstanding. I guess if I did that then I would miss out on all of the other great things about the hotel, like that amazing architecture. LOL! Thanks for sharing!

  18. Whoa sounds like a fantastic experience – the photos are gorgeous and the views amazing! And also i keep wondering why Japan hotels are so small? I could barely fit my luggage into the room haha.

  19. I think I’d be wanting to spend all day in that pool, although I’d probably be very wrinkly once I’d enjoyed my time nightswimming – that must be the most magical experience. I like that you gave such a balanced review; it’s much easier to decide if this is for you when you know the pros and cons. Those views are incredible though.

  20. We were in the city for 4 days, but the hotel was booked months in advance, so we didn’t stay there… I wish I had booked earlier – based on your photos, it would have been worth the premium! Thanks for sharing.

  21. Marina Bay Sands is itself a iconic building of Singapore. And to reside in it makes a trip more memorable and iconic. Views from pool are stunning in day and night both. Also the entrance to hotel is very majestic and check in -check out receptions looks like a airlines check in. It is vast and huge. Rooms are looking luxurious and this hotel is surely a luxurious and expensive stay. Watching light show from rooftop is also great.

  22. Absolutely love your pictures and thank you for a comprehensive review 🙂 Honestly, you do not get that kind of information from those Instagram photos you were talking about. I love that you also put the things that you did not like there – such as the food options. I would think, as you also said, that the hotel would have more options, given that it is such a high-end resort. But I would totally spend that kind of money on the room, just to have those views 🙂

  23. Luxury at Marina Bay Sand. Reading your posts on Singapore previously, i read your rave about the Marina Bay Sand Hotel but liitle did my imagination think it’ll be paradisiacal. I can’t help but wish for just a night in this glamorous hotel. But it’s pricey, who cares, it’s a once in a lifetime affair.


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