Each hotel tends to have its own particular charm but if you keep sticking to popular franchises, they’ll all start looking the same to you at some point. That’s why I’ve made it my mission to find the most unique accommodations from around the world: these are the types of hotels and Airbnbs that pretty much offer a holiday environment in itself. You won’t even have to venture outside to explore the city or village you’re staying in because these digs have everything you could possible wish for: a very special flair. Treat yourself to an unforgettable holiday experience by ditching ordinary hotel chains and settling into extraordinary accommodations. Check out our top picks below!

Amanhavis Hotel (Benahavis)

The mountain village of Benahavis is a perfect hide-away: still close enough to reach the popular beach towns of Estepona and Marbella, but far enough from crowded tourist streets stopping you from getting your Zen on. This is where you will find the beautiful Amanhavis Hotel with its traditional terracotta coloured walls and the most imaginative rooms on the Costa del Sol. Each room follows a specific theme: the Philosopher’s Study for example, is lined with shelves full of books from the world’s greatest thinkers; the Spice Trader’s Caravan pays homage to exotic spices and herbs, and has a secret hiding place holding treasured findings dug into the ground. If you’re after intimate and unique accommodations, you’re going to love the Amanhavis Hotel.

Amanhavis Unique Accommodation

Controversy Tram Inn (Hoogwoud)

This hotel, situated just an hour outside of Amsterdam, is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Who would have thought a tram could be turned into such a spectacular holiday location? The Controversy Tram Inn almost likens a theme park with its colourful tram apartments and a UFO housing a library of books and DVDs to borrow during your stay. There is even an old airplane on site! Each tram comes equipped with everything you could possibly need to enjoy this quirky holiday experience – one tram even comes with a colourful Jacuzzi! The details found in this quirky little inn are amazing: tables made out of old traffic signs, flower beds in old truck tires and a funny statue made entirely of old truck tires. I can’t wait to board one of these trams!

Controversy Inn Unique Accommodation

Michelberger Hotel (Berlin)

“Independent, enchanting, exciting” – such is the motto of the Michelberger Hotel located in Berlin’s famous Warschauer Straβe. Each room inside of this hotel comes with its own particular style – not one room likens the next. “The Loft” room seems to have been inspired by the Tiny House trend and offers a lot of space by ways of clever design. Or perhaps you’d rather have your very own house inside of your room? No problem, the Michelberger Hotel’s “Hideout” is a funky room with a house-shaped structure in which you will find a cosy bed and even a sauna. Located close to Berlin Craft Beer Experience and Club Matrix, these unique accommodations are a perfect base for wild nights out in the city’s most electrifying district.

Hotel Michelsberger Unique Accommodation

Tongabezi (Zambia)

Whether you’re looking for the perfect place to spend your honeymoon or are yearning for an adventure style holiday, the Tongabezi resort in Zambia offers the best of both. With mesmerizing views of the Zambezi River you will immediately find your brain switching off and your body relaxing into this spectacular environment. My favourite house in this safari resort is “The Bird House”: with its large, wooden deck overlooking the river, this place encourages leisurely breakfasts at sunrise, and romantic dinners at sunset. Though you will feel as though you are completely cut off from the world, The Bird House and all other Tongabezi accommodations come equipped with all modern luxuries including Wifi, air-conditioning and a laundry service.

Tongabezi Unique Accommodation

Tree Sparrow House (Cornwall)

With so many choices on Airbnb these days, I knew I was bound to find a whole host of unique accommodations on the site, but my favourite by far, is the Tree Sparrow House in Cornwall. This is a childhood dream come true – a tree house with its very own little kitchen, a cosy seating area and a separate loft-style bedroom that sleeps two. Handcrafted and full of loving detail, it’s built into an ash tree two-metres above the ground with views of the Falmouth Bay. It’s only a ten minute walk from the beach and all the great restaurants – what more could you want? I don’t know about you, but the inner child in me is wildly excited about the idea of spending an entire summer in the Tree Sparrow House!

Tree Sparrow House Unique Accommodation


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