From saving money to making memories other travellers can only dream of, these eight reasons to book your flights to South East Asia today will have you packing your suitcase in seconds… Not convinced? Read on to find out why for yourself!

flights to South East Asia
  1. Join the club of savvy spenders

Busy collecting air miles with every flight? Or claiming cashback on clever travel gadget purchases? You can take your ways to save money on travel even further by booking plenty in advance. Long-term bookings can lock in your trip at this year’s prices, not the often-increased rates available next year.

flights to south east Asia
  1. Or snap up a last-minute deal

But, with all the planning in the world, sometimes wanderlust just strikes – and you’ve got to go! You can still cash in on ways to save money on travel, because last-minute deals are also often deliciously purse friendly. With many tour operators, hotels and boutique B&Bs all keen to up their occupancy and booking rates, you’ll find some fabulous places to stay, flights and even things to do for feel-good prices.

flights to South East Asia

3. Bag the best boutique hotels

If you book your flights to South East Asia today, then you’ve got plenty of time to pinpoint the choicest of hotels. Often the most unique and authentic boutique hotels take some finding (and book up super fast!). So, if a stay at some of the best boutique hotels in South East Asia is on your travel bucket list, book your tickets and then seek out those sought-after spots and book your hotels too!

flights to south east Asia
  1. Time will tell…

Whether you’ve done your research! On a similar note to getting into the best hotels, you also need plenty of time to work out where you want to go, what you want to see and whether there are any places you’d like to eat .

From marvelling at Michelin-starred masterpieces to savouring street food sensations, you need to know where to be to make those things happen. Once you’ve booked your flights to South East Asia, map out your travel plans and transport options when you get there to make sure you don’t miss a treat.

flights to south east asia

5. Book your excursions (and get really excited about them!)

Beyond securing your spot, booking your flights so you know when you’ll be visiting South East Asia means you can also choose your tours, activities and excursions! Time to make that lifelong dream of caring for elephants or trekking through ruins in the jungle come true…

flights to south east asia

6. Seasons change

If you book your flights to South East Asia today, you can make sure you have perfect timing. Seasons and weather aren’t only important for sunshine and sandy beach holidays. They matter wherever you travel.

The region covers an enormous area, so weather patterns will change with location. Generally, you’ll want to balance the temperature and weather with what you’d like to see, your budget and if you prefer to avoid peak tourist season. Wildlife and nature-based attractions are often seasonal. Take Japan, in East Asia, where you’ll find the cherry blossom festival around Easter and golden leaf displays in autumn.

fisher men

7. See more in one trip

If you’re booking your flights to South East Asia, you have the opportunity to make the most out of your time in the region by pairing destinations. Do so within one country – try teaming a culture fix in buzzing Bangkok with island indulgence on Koh Samui for the ultimate Thailand experience – or span several.

For more ideas to see more in one trip, check our guide to getting the most out of a weekend getaway in Europe!

flights to south east Asia

8. It’s the summer!

Everyone is jetting off on their hot weather holidays, so if you’re stuck at home, why not cheer yourself up and indulge your wanderlust?

If you’re hoping to travel around Asia soon, don’t miss the chance to uncover the secrets of Japan. Find out what and where to eat here and why the mountains are well worth a visit.

Have you been inspired to plan a trip or book your flights to South East Asia? Which countries have tempted you?


  1. I loved SEA so much. Spent 7 months there this past winter and I fell in love with it so much, the weather, food and people are incredible.

  2. Surely this advice applies to anywhere? Book early to secure your spot.

    South East Asia doesn’t seem to me to be a place where there is a great urgency. Sure, the exclusive places fill their books months in advance, but that’s a function of supply and demand, and as I say, it applies anywhere.

  3. SE Asia is my favorite place in the world! I went to Bangkok/Koh Samui in August and would love to go back. The deals from LA are unbelievable, we paid around $400 for round trip tickets on EVA!

  4. Those are some useful tips and your photos make them even more better reason to g to South East Asia. 🙂

    One of my favourite places to go only because of the prices. Thanks for sharing.

  5. There are some good reasons to book a flight to Thailand or somewhere in South East Asia. Good tips about booking the flight, hotels and excursions too as well as checking the season.

  6. I haven’t explored enough of South East Asia. My friends and I took a cooking class during our last trip to Bangkok, which was amazing. I would like to get to Vietnam and Cambodia next. Thanks for the tips!

  7. I need to explore more of South East Asia. My friends and I took a cooking class during our last trip to Bangkok, which was amazing. I would like to get to Vietnam and Cambodia next. Thanks for the tips!

  8. Totally agree with all the 8 reasons you listed above. I had stayed in SEA for three years and totally enjoyed the last minute deals. The flights would be cheap and I could enjoy boutique hotel facilities at throw away prices.

  9. I live closer to south east asia, In India. But I haven’t travelled through South East Asia so far. You have listed some very tempting reasons to make a plan to visit this part of the world. I soon will.

  10. These are good tips. I have not experienced staying in boutique hotels yet. I would probably need to do a lot of research. It is still summertime in Southeast and East Asia but it will be rainy season soon. I would still go and I will buy an umbrella (just in case) when I get to my destination. I went to Hong Kong in June of 2016. We were thankful that we were able to enjoy our trip because it was sunny. Then, a few days later, there was a typhoon advisory. I would suggest that March to May are the best months to travel in Southeast and East Asia.

  11. We’re from the Philippines, which is a Southeast Asian country! Whoopee! Southeast Asia is indeed a beautiful place to visit. So full of life and adventures. 🙂 We even plan to visit our neighboring SEA countries ourselves!

  12. South East Asia is a gorgeous region to travel to. I had the chance to discover a few of its countries, but I’m not done yet… to many beautiful places and friendly faces to discover! Your pics are absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for those great tips as well!


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