Whether you’re planning your trip or have already been travelling in South East Asia, how much do you really know about the region? Will this list surprise you? It’s time to find out…

In summer it rains. A lot!

If you’re planning on travelling in South East Asia, it pays to get your timing right. Avoid the monsoon season if you’re not a fan of heavy rain, strong winds and potentially scary storms

Travelling in South East Asia

Backpack selfie bucket list

Maybe you snapped it while trekking through Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia. Perhaps you were exploring Hanoi’s historic but bustling quarter in Vietnam. A backpack selfie, preferably with an Instagram-worthy backdrop, seems essential for many young people travelling in South East Asia.

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Culture fixes

Wherever you are in the region, cultural experiences are varied and vibrant. Spending time in Cambodia? Don’t leave without witnessing the Aspara dance. Wondering when to visit Bali? Plan your Indonesian trip to coincide with New Year’s Eve on the Saka Calendar. You’ll be treated to a raucous parade of mythical figures through Bali, followed by a day of complete contrast – peace and silence.

Travelling in South East Asia

On my gap year…

As one of the trendiest gap year destinations right now, it’s little surprise that if you went travelling in South East Asia recently and are under 25, you probably took a gap year. Forget joining the mile high club, when jetting off to South East Asia you’re far more likely to join the gap year club instead…

Travelling in South East Asia

I fed the elephants!

Whether you bathed them, fed them or even helped clean up after them, did you really go travelling in South East Asia if you didn’t visit an elephant sanctuary at least once?

travelling to South East Asia

Must-see sights

Travelling in South East Asia isn’t all about the culture and architecture of the past, it’s about the present and future, too. A visit to Singapore showcases this perfectly. In this well-connected city, you’ll find many sights to marvel over, not least Singapore’s Supertrees.

This manmade miniature forest is home to impressive plant life, while offering a sculptural spectacle too. Visit after dark to make the most of the light show that bathes these towering trees each night.

travelling to south east asia

There are 9 million motorbikes in…

No, we’re not talking about Beijing! Try Bangkok, instead, where your days in the city centre probably featured the soundtrack of endless motorbike engines, although we can’t guarantee whether it was nine million of them…

travelling to south east asia

Feel the island vibes

Maybe you chilled out in Thailand, where you could choose from Koh Tao, Koh Samui and Koh Phi Phi for blue ocean, sandy beach perfection. Or, did you embrace that feeling of beachy bliss with a luxury stay in Bali? Whether you’ve yet to go or are a seasoned traveller, make sure island escapes are on your next itinerary.

paradise beach Phuket

Sunset cocktails are essential

There’s little better than sipping a cocktail, ice cold, as you watch the sun slip slowly beneath the horizon. We recommend pairing the experience with a view – skyline, beach or riverside are best. Somewhere where the skies are open and expansive. Bonus points if you enjoyed this experience in luxury with a sunset cruise.

traveling to Phuket

Chow down… on insects

Believe it or not, bugs are big news in Bangkok. In fact, they’re a bit of a delicacy. Were you brave enough to try them?

Discover the slippery delicacy that is sought-after in Japan right here – this one might even sound grosser than insects

Travelling in South East Asia

Next stop, Thailand!

With the World Bank recording over 32 million people visiting Thailand in 2016 alone , if you went travelling in South East Asia and didn’t stop off in Thailand – where did you actually go?!

If you’ve already explored the region, how many of these could you relate to? Don’t panic if you think you missed out – you can always go back! And, if you haven’t been travelling in South East Asia yet, you know what needs to be on your must-visit list.

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Travelling in South East Asia


  1. I miss South East Asia so much! We used to live in Bali and it was an awesome time! Specially the sunset sessions 😀 hopeful our life will take us back… though i’ll still skip the bugs 😉

  2. The thought of me eating insects is probably a no no with me. 😛 I just dont see the point and are they really that yummy?

    I would love to go to Asia and check out an elephant sanctuary but I dont want to ride them. Great post, good write up 🙂

  3. Interestingly, those scorpions only appeared on Khao San Road in the last couple of years. While Thai people do eat insects, they even come in crisp-type packets, eating scorpions tends to be a backpacker thing!

  4. Southeast Asian region is filled with so much to see and do. Foods are amazingly exotic (I haven’t tried eating bugs though). Weather is perfect to relax at the stunning beaches that you can enjoy all-year round. Right after you visit Thailand, hope you can drop by the Philippines too. 🙂

  5. Hahah so true! It’s a very diverse and interesting region gifted with stunning landscapes. There’s definitely everythingg for everyone!

  6. I haven’t travelled around Southeast Asia just yet, but found myself nodding along to some of these while thinking of India, and most of what your typical travellers get up to over there! Especially the elephants and culture fixes.
    One of my good work friends is from Vietnam and she’s forever going on about how most people over there don’t even eat bugs and scorpions as anything other than an occasional delicacy, and tourists have just made it a thing. Not sure how true that is!

  7. Feeding or cleaning elephants would be a great experience. To help and care for another creature would make you feel good. I can’t imagine having to deal with that many motorbikes and all the noise. Bicycles are different haha. Island escapes are always on our itinerary. We can’t wait to try either Bali or Thailand.

  8. SE Asia is my favorite place to visit! We went to Thailand last year and loved it, so much great food and culture. Though I must say, even though we went in August and everyone warned us of the rain, it rained once, very briefly and not bad at all! I guess we got lucky.

  9. My own favorite! There is so much of diversity with a common bond, which is the cost of living! At least most of the countries. Also the people are quite warm which makes one go again and again.

  10. Absolutely on the spot. We live in the Philippines, an SEA country. We have some of the best and most exotic sights, sounds, and food in the world. And you’re right, motorcycles are ubiquitous! 🙂

  11. This is like a lot of information, and definitely really interesting too! I would love to visit so many South Asian countries and especially feed the elephants that would be so much fun! I am gonna read through your Thailand posts too! 🙂

  12. I had lived in South East Asia for three years and I can vouch for everything you mentioned above. I love South East Asia except for feasting on the insects. That’s just disgusting.


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