A great way to slowly start crossing off the destinations on your travel bucket list for couples, is by heading to one of your top romantic countries each year on Valentine’s Day. What better way to spend this holiday for lovers than splayed out on a beach slurping cocktails with your better half? If you’re still in need for inspirations, here are some of my favourite places for love-holidays!

Bali, Indonesia

I’d heard that Bali is an amazing place, but after my friends got married there I knew I absolutely have to visit the romantic side of the island. The wonderful sunsets make you wanna grab your partner’s hand and take a long walk down the beach. Bali is not just cheap and beautiful it also offers a whole variety of attractions for couples, like romantic spas or dinners on the beach. Make sure you check all the wonderful Airbnb’s and resorts available to get the very best of your holiday.

Photo Credit : Kai Lehmann


They say “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” and what could be a better place to test that theory than Italy?  Delizioso food isn’t all Italy has to offer though. It also happens to be where the most romantic tragedy in literature was set: Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. A stop in Verona to re-enact the famous balcony scene should definitely form part of your itinerary. There are many places to cover and endless possibilities for romantic outings with your boo: a gondola ride through the canals of Venice, a wine-testing date night in Tuscany, the historical streets in Rome or a walk along the pink beach in Budelli should definitely make it on to your travel bucket list for couples.

Photo Credit : Francesco Sgroi


If you want to treat your special someone to an unforgettable experience, you can’t go wrong with the spectacular northern lights show in Iceland. Follow this up with a soak in the world’s largest hot tub – otherwise known as the Blue Lagoon – and this holiday will become down-right unbeatable. Just a short drive from Reykjavik, the amazing Blue Lagoon Spa offers romantic deals for couples including entrance to an exclusive lounge, towels and bathrobes, access to the skin lagoon and other amenities, snacks, a free drink at the bar and a couples massages. Regardless of the weather, you are bound to have a magical time in Iceland.

Photo Credit : Moyan Brenn


Hawaii is the land of amazing beaches, waterfalls and breath-taking sunsets so naturally, it is the perfect place for a romantic getaway. Kauai is the oldest island in Hawaii and is known as “The Garden Isle” – with its tropical rainforests and lush valleys, it prides itself with some of the most beautiful gardens in the world and is definitely worth a visit. Another must-see on the island are the Opaekaa Falls. You can walk to the very top of the hill to the lookout point and enjoy awe-inspiring views. This is a fantastic photo-opportunity – eternalize this beautiful moment in your relationship forever!

Photo Credit : tdlucas5000

Dominican Republic

You’ve all seen the photos of the Dominican Republic’s white sandy beaches and turquoise waters – why not make it your mission to experience it live with that special someone? A short trip by catamaran will take you to Saona Island where you can imagine yourselves to be the only two people in the world. If you’d like to surprise your girl with some bling, the Dominican Republic has got your back – known for its amber jewellery the world over, you’ll be sure to find a unique piece for the woman who has stolen your heart.

Photo Credit : Reinhard Link

Paris, France

We all know that Paris – the city of love – is the most romantic city in the world. The Eiffel Tower has been a witness to countless marriage proposals and many a first “I love you”. The city attracts lovers from all around the world and offers fine cuisine in amazing restaurants, with views that will multiply the butterflies already fluttering around in your belly by a dozen. A boat trip along the Seine is particularly beautiful at night when the city is bathed in twinkling lights. But don’t get too caught up in your little love-bubble because there are plenty more things to check out: Notre Dame, The Louvre, Arc de Triomphe and last but not least, the Moulin Rouge.

Photo Credit : Moyan Brenn


Famous for its picturesque beaches and the immense stone boulders rising from the sand, Seychelles has become a popular holiday destinations for lovers looking to cross another country off of their travel bucket list for couples. Even the most known beaches offer plenty of stretches without a single soul insight, but if you’d like to get to spend some time getting to know the local giant tortoises you can always head down to Curieuse Island. If you want to add even more spice to your relationship, head over to Le Jardin du Roi. Located on Mahé’s southeast coast, the spice garden dating back to 18th century will fill your nostrils with the scent of nutmeg, vanilla and a variety of other spices.

Photo Credit : Jean-Marie Hullot

Greece islands

Many of the small Greek islands make for lovely romantic gateways, but Santorini is definitely one of the most popular honeymoon and wedding destinations in Europe, boasting beautiful architecture and sunsets you can get lost in when you’re not getting lost in each other’s eyes. If you’re staying for a longer period, you can catch a ferry from Santorini and do a little island hopping to Kos, Crete or Rhodes, all of which offer a bit of both worlds: clubs and party havens as well as quiet, idyllic little villages and beach-side restaurants inviting you to dine under the stars.

Photo Credit : Alaina McDavid

Road Trip Through Ireland

Ireland is one of the most beautiful countries I have ever been to. Wonderful landscapes with cliffs, lakes and trails keep lovers coming back for more. I would recommend renting a car and driving across the entire island to take in majestic cliffs and peaceful places like the Cliffs of Moher, the Glencar Waterfall, Glendalough, Gweedore or the Cavan Lakes. And yes, everything looks exactly the way you remember it from P.S. I love You.

Photo Credit : Mahender G


I never would have considered Japan as a place for a romantic getaway but after seeing pictures of Kyoto during cherry-blossom season, I’m ready to pack my bags and my man on to a plane and head there for Valentine’s Day! Kyoto offers a variety of awesome tours, the most amazing of which seems to be a boat tour taking you along the Philosopher’s Path, a route along the canal where you will see hundreds of sakura cherry trees. If you happen to have recently celebrated your wedding, you can opt to have another set of wedding photos taken using the cherry trees as a background. And of course you’ll get to wear a kimono!

Photo Credit : Moyan Brenn


  1. Great destinations!! I live in Ireland so I am happy to see it here, it is definately a beautiful country to explore.. of this list I have been to Iceland, and with Iceland you can’t go wrong! I would love to go to Bali right now ❤️


  2. These all look like great places to visit whether you are with someone or not. I personally love Paris any time of year. And you should definitely make a point to visit Japan during cherry blossom season. It is absolutely stunning and romantic.

  3. I did the IRELAND road trip with my Momma, and I didn’t think of it as romantic, but you know we did see many a sunset and some gorgeous landscapes in those two weeks. Could be romantic/adventurous with a lover too!!

  4. These destinations looks amazing ! I would love to go to Seychelles and Japan with my boyfriend. Ireland would be cool too 😀 Thanks for sharing this list 😀

  5. Beautiful, but I have to completely disagree about Paris. My boyfriend and I went for our anniversary for a whole week. By the time the 3rd day rolled around, we were so over it. I guess different couples have different tastes! We have however been to Bali the year before that for our anniversary and LOVED it! (more adventure!)

  6. You’ve chosen some very romantic spots. I hope my husband and I are lucky enough to travel to some of these places one day.

  7. Great travel picks. I personally, although I love them all, have a special place in my heart for Ireland. My grandmother is from there and when I travelled around her small home town I felt so connected to her Irish spirit. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Great list! From all the destinations you mention, we’ve only really been to Bali, which was awesome! The sunsets are indeed stunning and we loved the food and scuba diving. Beautiful! We’d love to go to Japan and Iceland one day, but you made me realise the Seychelles are really up my alley too. Got me when you mentioned the giant turtles! 😀 And we’ve actually planned a trip to Paris in May. Looking forward to that one! We both visited on a school trip, but never been together. 😉

  9. These are fascinating places to visit ~ so many of them on my bucket list. Top of my list is Ireland, then Italy and Hawaii. My hubby has been to Japan, but I didn’t have the opportunity to experience that with him. Great list. Thanks for sharing. Beautiful pictures, as well.

  10. Bali looks amazing – definitely a honeymoon or romantic destination. Im off to Paris in a few months with my boyfriend so I’m hoping that will be an amazingly romantic experience too!

  11. Have been to three places on this list (although technically I live in Ireland so that doesn’t really count!) Would love to jet off on a getaway to Bali. My cousin goes there every year and says it’s so beautiful…

  12. Oh my goodness: all of these places are absolutely gorgeous! I’m actually in Paris today and about to head out with my bf tonight for a later Valentine’s day celebration… glad to see it made the list 😛

  13. All of them are idyllic places. Dreams come true. The places seem to have romance wafting tantalizingly in the air. Personally would prefer Seychelles above all others. It would be great to spend time together on a private island in Seychelles.

  14. Iceland is on my list of places to go. I wasn’t impressed with Paris though and personally wouldn’t consider it a romantic getaway.


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