Mallorca is the largest island of the Spanish Balearic archipelago. It’s an island that has something for everyone, whether beautiful beaches, lazy holidays, lively bars and restaurants or atmospheric towns. These are the 10 best things to do in Mallorca to make your next visit unforgettable.

Things To Do In Mallorca

1. Get lost in Palma de Mallorca

Palma is the biggest city on the island and also the island’s capital. It isn’t enormous in size, though, so you can definitely explore Palma de Mallorca by foot. There are plenty of small streets to wander along. Many of them feature wonderful houses with beautiful, colourful wooden window shutters that are very unique. The city as a whole boasts wonderful architecture, including the stunning gothic cathedral La Seu, Moorish baths and 14th-century castle. There are also many museums, parks, shops, restaurants and cafes to dip in and out of.

Things To Do In Mallorca

2. Take a train to Soller

From Plaza de Espana in Palma you can take the amazing vintage train to Soller. This route takes you through the mountains and 10 tunnels, so you can expect wonderful views. From Soller you can then take vintage tram to Port de Soller. It costs 30 euros per person and the journey takes 1.5 hours, but it’s a great experience. The town itself is very beautiful, but if it’s a breathtaking beach with amazing mountains view you want, go straight to the port.

For more characterful and practical ways to travel around Mallorca, check out this essential guide to getting about.

Things To Do In Mallorca

3. Swim in crystal clear water near Alcudia

Alcudia is a town in the north of the island, about an hour’s bus ride from Palma de Mallorca. The town itself has a great atmosphere and stunning sights, like ruins of Roman buildings. From the centre, you can walk to beautiful Port de Alcudia or the stunning beaches Platja de Alcudia and Playa de Muro. It was definitely one of the best beaches I’ve seen in Europe and it’s worth the trip!

Things To Do In Mallorca
Things To Do In Mallorca

4. Eat an orange in Fornalutx

This small village in the heart of Serra de Tramuntana is one of the oldest on the island and retains many traditional buildings.The old buildings, stone streets and interesting stairs to tenement houses are guaranteed to charm you. There are also many orange trees that this village is famed for. In some places, Fornalutx looks like time has simply come to a stop. It’s the perfect place to visit for a peaceful atmosphere, and there are plenty of hiking trails to enjoy it from.

Things To Do In MallorcaThings To Do In Mallorca

5. Scream from the cliff in Cap de Formentor

Cap de Formentor is considered to be the most beautiful part of Mallorca. It’s a viewpoint on the peninsula on the northwestern part of the island. You can get there by driving along a scenic road with many viewpoints en route. At the end you will also see a 19th-century lighthouse – el Far de Formentor. Its one of the biggest attractions in Mallorca.

Things To Do In Mallorca

6. Don’t try to walk to El Arenal

I wasn’t sure what to expect from El Arenal. I used to live in Berlin so I wanted to see how German the Spanish city really would be. It’s good for a night out and by day it has a very nice beach. If you love palm trees, visit El Arenal at sunset. Even though our trip was unluckily on a cloudy evening, I still managed to take amazing photographs and fell completely in love. A tip from one traveller to another? Don’t try to walk there from Palma. I tried and failed halfway along the route, where it was very hard to pick up a taxi!

Things To Do In Mallorca

7. Go dizzy on Sa Calobra

This winding road in Mallorca is 15km long and travels through very picturesque scenery, so it should be on your list of things to do in Mallorca. I haven’t tried driving it myself, but some people say it’s not so easy, especially when you need to pass large tourist buses. At the end of this meandering route is a charming creek.

Things To Do In Mallorca

8. Follow the footsteps of Frederic Chopin

The city Valldemossa used to be home in the winter months to famous Polish pianist and composer Frederic Chopin. Today, you can visit a church where the artist’s piano was preserved. Located in the mountains, the surrounding area has many wonderful buildings and narrow streets, where pots of flowers and lush vegetation adorn the walls. From there, you can also visit a picturesque rocky beach

Things To Do In Mallorca

9. Find out what lies beneath in Porto Cristo

Located in Porto Cristo, the two caves, Coves des Halms and Coves del Drach, are a must-visit as long as you aren’t claustrophobic..A tangle of underground corridors and chambers, rock formations and fabulous infiltrations, these caves are definitely one of the best places to visit in Mallorca. In Coves del Drach you will also find the largest underground water reservoir in the world, Lake Martel.

Things To Do In Mallorca

10. Party in Magaluf

Hot on Ibiza’s heels, Mallorca is party heaven if you’re looking for a nightlife destination in Europe. Every year many young people come to Magaluf especially for the party scene, and they aren’t disappointed. There are many good bars around the island, but the majority are located in Magaluf. Have a few drinks in the bar, let loose on the many dance floors and then relax on the beach right after, which is located by the main party strip.

Things To Do In Mallorca

Want to tick a few of these things to do in Mallorca off your bucket list? Here’s how to get around the island – whether you want the easiest, cheapest or most scenic route – to see it all.

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What places top your list of things to do in Mallorca?

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  1. My favorite choice is definitely get lost in Palma de Malorca. Whenever it comes to explore a place at my own pace, geting lost is the best way to find the most authentic things. I was thrilled by ‘don’t alk from Palma to El Arenal’, though. At first, I have thought that maybe is a place that doesn’t worth but reading your comment I’ve completely understood why you said not to walk. 🙂

  2. This all looks and sounds divine but I think my top pick would be driving along the winding Sa Calobra! It looks like such an adventure! #2 would definitely be enjoying the beautiful blue water of Alcudia! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Just came back from Europe holidays and am dreaming of next year’s already. Mallorca seems a nice idea 🙂 am pinning for future travels ! thanks 🙂

  4. Beach, party, hills, beautiful streets, wonderful markets – what is it that Mallorca doesn’t have!! I am bookmarking your post. I don’t want to miss this post when I visit Spain

  5. Your photos are stunning! Definitely makes me want to go to Mallorca right now. Love how it’s both old and modern at the same time.

  6. I haven’t read much about Mallorca other than beachs. A walk around Palma de Mallorca sounds perfect, it looks like quite a big city. I love fresh orange juice it must be super cheap there! El Arenal beach looks beautiful, I’ll take a taxi!

  7. I went to Mallorca a couple of years ago for the first time and stayed in Palma. I have to admit i didn’t know to much about the city aparty from the party area mugaluf but it was such a pleasent surprise to see there was more to the island. Loving all your tips on things to do there, especially visiting tje caves and swimming in the water in Alcudia.

  8. I haven’t been to Mallorca yet. It looks just stunning. I would love to visit some day. Combination of sightseeng and beautiful beaches are very appealing. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Till the time I came across the caves, the Alcudia held my interest. However those caves now would be the first thing to do here. Beautiful pictures and a lovely write up

  10. I have been meaning to get to Palma de Mallorca for some time now since I’m living in Spain but keep postponing it as there are just soooo many destinations here! But I love the look of the streets and also dig the caves

    how did you find the food compared to other parts of Spain?


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