Road trip around Scotland

Scotland is at its most beautiful in early autumn. The weather is still relatively warm, the landscape lush and green, and the bushes are in bright bloom. You’re meandering drive north could take you past the picturesque shores of Loch Lomond. Or, if you’re following the coast, keep your eyes peeled for pretty harbours and fishing villages.

As your journey continues, you’ll venture into the wilderness of the north. The Scottish Highlands are a treasure trove of filmic scenery, making the road trip experience even more magical. Lochs, mountains, castles, forests – you’ll see all of this and more. Visit Scotland in the autumn and you’ll be treated to a field day of colours as the leaves turn from green to russet to gold.

7 of the best places to visit in Europe this autumn

Take photos at the light festival in Berlin

Every year at the end of October there is a festival in Berlin – the festival of lights. Visit and you can expect to see illuminations, projections and even 3D projections on buildings in major parts of the city. Animations change momentarily, displayed on the façades of buildings like Brandenburg Gate, Berlin Cathedral, TV Tower at Alexanderplatz, the US Embassy and Potsdamer Platz. Just make sure you’ve packed your camera!

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7 of the best places to visit in Europe this autumn

Soak up the sun in Cyprus

Cyprus is one of the larger Mediterranean islands just off the Turkish coast. If you’re wondering where the best places to visit in Europe are, then Cyprus should be on your list regardless of the season. Even in the winter the temperatures are usually above zero with blissfully blue skies.

The island has so much to offer, from amazing mountain views and beautiful coastline – paradise for divers – to a buzzing bar and club scene. Autumn in Cyprus also features an exciting festival calendar, with events to cover everything from sport to food!

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7 of the best places to visit in Europe this autumn

Spot the northern lights in Iceland

The season to see the northern lights is autumn to winter. If you don’t like very low temperatures though, make Iceland one of your places to visit in Europe this autumn for a happy medium.

Although there is a chance you might not see anything, there’s little more exciting than cosying up under the stars to try your luck, or heading out on a guided northern lights drive. But, if you don’t get to see this spectacular natural phenomenon, don’t despair. Autumn in Iceland is overwhelmingly beautiful, but also short, so make the most of the stunning scenery and charming cities the country has to offer. There’s a reason Iceland made it into our round-up of the best road trips in the world!

7 of the best places to visit in Europe this autumn

Party at oktoberfest in Munich

The world’s largest beer festival in the world is held in Munich, Germany. It runs every year, starting at the end of September and lasting 2-3 weeks. You’ve probably heard that the nightlife in Germany is pretty good, so you won’t be surprised to hear that this festival attracts several million people from all over the world!

Organized for the first time in 1810, oktoberfest is an integral part of German culture, making it the perfect time to choose Germany for one of your next places to visit in Europe. During the festival, its participants have the opportunity to taste the traditional Munich beers in 14 huge beer halls, where they consume over five million litres of the beverage!


7 of the best places to visit in Europe this autumn

Become a wine connoisseur in Portugal

Portugal is the perfect destination for a holiday in the fall. The harvest season starts in the autumn, bringing a lot of hard work, but also cause for celebration. Visit the stunning Douro Valley and you can be a part of the whole process! From learning about the production right through to tasting delicious wines, you won’t be disappointed by this experience.

7 of the best places to visit in Europe this autumn

Savour the taste of Italy in Tuscany

Like many places to visit in Europe, the time to explore Tuscany is September to October thanks to the moderate but warm temperatures. At the end of the season, you’ll also be delighted to find that prices of hotels and restaurants are lower than average. You won’t be surrounded by endless other tourists, either.

Can you really imagine a more luxurious, laid-back start to autumn than one spent sitting in a charming, cosy restaurant, eating exquisite Italian food, drinking wine and taking in one of the best landscapes in the world?

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7 of the best places to visit in Europe this autumn

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Which places to visit in Europe are top of your travel list right now?


  1. I really don’t take advantage of living in Europe enough! I haven’t even been to any of these places oops. Love Rome, Prague, Barcelona though.

  2. Europe in Autumn is indeed offering a big variety of places to go. I know for which one of your list I would go the most for though…Scotland all the Way, i love how the Highlands gloom on your picture
    Thanks and Greetings

  3. Oh my goodness, catching the northern lights in Iceland is SO high up on my bucket list! Good call on Tuscany – I’m headed there this autumn!

  4. I’m currently in Asia and come to miss Europe every now and then really. Especially Tuscany would be absolutely delightful right now! Wine and food, what do I need more lol. I agree on Cyprus btw, that was my previous destination and loved it!

  5. I lived in Canada for six months but never got to see the northern lights. It’s one of my dreams to see the lights in Iceland. I didn’t know about the light festival in Berlin! That looks like something not to miss.

  6. These are all things I so want to do!! The Northern Lights look amazing and definitely not something you can see in the city (obviously! lol). Thanks for posting this!

  7. I love your list! You have all my favorite places on Earth! I recommend the Festival of Lights in Berlin too, but as for now, I would prefer some Tuscany and Portugal if possible – as the weather is always mild and sunny…

  8. Best places I would love to visit in Europe? Personally I would love yo get there, just gotta bridge the gap between Australia and the Europe first.
    Great list of places, Iceland has always been a dream of mine, but any of thise destinations look fantastic.

  9. These are some great places to visit. I’m heading to Iceland in October. Can’t wait to see the northern lights. Would love to visit Tuscany though. It’s high on my bucket list.


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