I’ve just touched down from this beautiful Balearic island after a wonderful week away. It wasn’t my first time visiting Mallorca, but it was the first time I’ve explored more than one beach, where I spent the majority of my last holiday. Mallorca is a Spanish island and part of the Balearics island chain.

Mallora - Essential information

How to get to Mallorca

Searching for cheap summer holiday flights made me consider visiting Mallorca again. It turns out you can fly to Palma airport for as little as £50 both ways. Plus, because of the frequency of the flights you can even get it for that price one week before travelling if you’re lucky. If you don’t fancy travelling by plane, you can also get there by boat from cities like Barcelona, Valencia or Ibiza – twin-centre holiday, anyone?

Mallorca airport

What time of year is best to visit Mallorca?

This charming island has so much to offer that there’s little risk of being bored. There is a very real risk that the heat will hamper your efforts though. Let’s be honest, sometimes in the height of summer it’s just too hot to do anything but lie by the beach or pool, sipping a cold cocktail and soaking up the sun.

It can get very hot in summer months. Even though the mercury only reads around 30’C, it feels like far hotter. If you don’t love sunbathing or simply want to explore the entire island, avoid the peak summer season. You’ll get much more out of your trip to Mallorca in the spring or autumn – and you could get it for lower prices, too.

palma de mallorca

Where to stay on your next holiday to Mallorca

When you get off the plane and you’ve got the whole island at your fingertips, it can be hard to pinpoint exactly where will be best for you.

If you’re envisaging lazy days spent basking in the sun and a buzzing party scene at night, then Magaluf is for you. A quick Google search will tell you that Magaluf is full of young, drunk Brits, but I didn’t find it to be as bad as many would have you believe. There is a strip with clubs and bars, so it’s easy to avoid that area if it’s too much for you. There are plenty of places to enjoy a nice cocktail in a bar by the beach instead. Alternatively, head to El Arenal if you’re a fan of German beer and the German nightlife crowd.

Check out more hotspots when it comes to the European party scene here.

travelling to Mallorca

If beautiful beaches are what you seek, stay in Alcudia. Nearby, you’ll find a beach called Playa de Muro that really is stunning. And for great mountain views, you can stay in Port de Soller, which also has nice beach.

Still looking for your bit of beach heaven? You’re bound to find it in five of the most beautiful beaches in Europe.

platja de muro

If you’re planning a family holiday, then Palma Nova and Palma de Mallorca are both worth checking out. I stayed in Palma for my most recent trip, in Melia Palas Atenea hotel. I’d really recommend this hotel – you’ll enjoy great views over the marina with an intimate collection of bars and restaurants nearby. It’s only about 2km from the city centre and beach, too, so you can be in the thick of it – tourists, attractions and all – very quickly, with a quieter retreat to return to.

travelling to Mallorca

How to travel around the island of Mallorca

I have to admit that I was surprised by how easy it is to travel around when visiting Mallorca. One of the simplest options is to take a taxi. But why is choosing a taxi over other transport options worth it? You’ll find posters advertising how much different routes between key destinations will cost, so there’s little risk of jumping in a car only to be hit with a big bill at the end.

My flight was delayed, so when I landed it was almost 1am and I worried getting to my hotel would be a nightmare. I couldn’t have been more wrong! Almost as soon as I left the airport, I was in a taxi and on the way without a hitch. Even at this time, there were plenty of taxis parked up ready outside the airport. It only cost me 20 euros to get to Palma.

There’s also a bus that takes you to Palma, and from there you can catch your next connection. Buses are a fabulous option that are cheap and get you just about everywhere. The routes are also really easy to figure out. The bus numbers starting with 100s drive around the southwest, 200s cover the west, 300s the north and centre, 400s centre and east coast and 500s take care of the south. You buy your tickets directly from the bus driver and you can plan your route on this website.

travelling to Mallorca

From the same station where you get on the bus, Plaza de Espana, you can also catch the train. There are regular routes by rail to cities like Inka. There’s also the amazing vintage train to Soller (and from there, a vintage tram to Port de Soller).

train to soller

If you like to travel at your own pace and see as much as you can you can, then renting a car or motorbike gives you the ultimate in flexibility and freedom.

travelling to Mallorca

Will you be visiting Mallorca soon? Which areas do you want to see the most?


  1. This is quite a handy collection of the most important information regarding travelling to Mallorca. I’ve had Mallorca on my travel list for years but still haven’t had the opportunity to visit it. Now that I know getting to Mallorca is not too expensive, I think I need to plan my next holiday to this beautiful destination soon.

  2. I visited a few years ago and stayed in the north of the island. It really does offer, as you point out, a little bit of everything, peace and party, whatever you prefer. There are even some vineyards you can visit too if you like that kind of thing!

  3. Finally someone reveiling all facetts of this beatiful island. Usually this island is used to scare people away, but this shows its not that bad. Me myself, is craving to get to mallorcas nice dive sites. I think this will be next on my bucket list.

  4. I had heard earlier that the island of Mallorca has beautiful beaches blessed with great sunshine. And your writeup just reaffirms that. I am sure I am even more tempted to plan a trip here now.

  5. I think I went to Mallorca as a child but I don’t remember much. It has the reputation to be very beautiful and not as touristy as Ibiza. Thank you for sharing a great post.

  6. Oh, so the buses have different numbers for different destinations! How cool is that? And innovative too. What is the local language that is spoken in Mallorca? Is it Spanish or is there a smattering of French too?

  7. I’ve heard so many great things about Mallorca! I wish I thought to visit while staying in Valencia, but I loved being near Playa Malvarrosa. Thanks for the tips!

  8. Looks beautiful! I was in a London airport the other day going somewhere not-so-sunny, but it seemed like everyone else was headed to Mallorca! I was jealous!

  9. Love love love Mallorca, we went back in May it was amazing. Check out my foodie tour blog post. We stayed in Alcudia for the beaches, but also for the quiet and tranquility. Heading back next year for sure. Great hotel. I wouldn’t prefer to stay in Palma but your hotel might change my mind.

  10. I so wish now that we had included Mallorca into our Spain itinerary when we visited two years back. But now we have an excuse to visit again! And your handbook is going to be really helpful with everything.

  11. I would have thought Mallorca was more tropical since it is in the middle of the sea. The details about which city to stay in were helpful. I think I would prefer a hotel near the beach and not very party heavy like you mentioned.

  12. I live in Spain but I’ve never visited Mallorca! After reading your article I’d like to visit the Balearic islands soon 🙂 thank you for all the great suggestions!

  13. Hi there, I would definitely avoid high season if I travelled to mallorca and would also most likely stay somewhere tranquile… I really hate those mass tourism crowds and german and brittish beer drinkers in El Arenal. But as you say, Mallorca is a beautiful island and I think you have to know where to find the cute little destinations.

  14. Frankly, before stumbling upon this post I had not even heard about Mallorca. But after reading your post I would love to visit it. It’s really good to know that it’s easy to find a place in the island plus commuting is not an issue. Those are the two important things for me when I decide a vacation spot.


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