If your base is in the UK, then continental Europe is just waiting for you to explore it. Cross one small sea, place your feet on the ground, and you’re ready to set off! But how?

Being one large land mass with a long, meandering coastline, there are lots of ways to travel around Europe. Hopping from one flight to another isn’t always the easiest option, although it may be the first you think of.

Why not let me inspire you to travel around Europe in a different way? You can swap the bird’s eye view for fresh perspectives, discover places further from the flight paths, and even save money while you’re doing it!


You could choose to cruise around the Mediterranean, indulge in some Greek island hopping, or head north on a cruise around Scandinavia, with the Norwegian fjords a highlight. For land-locked countries, why not investigate river cruises to sail your way around central Europe without needing to be by the sea. Viking River Cruises are an established option for this.

cruise boat


Road trips aren’t just reserved for the United States, so rent a car, grab some friends and hit the road! Italy is the perfect country to tour on four wheels.

Hire an iconic Fiat 500, convertible if you like the sun, and start in the north at Lake Como. Make a date with Cinque Terre on the west coast next. Here, you’ll find a rainbow of houses that cascade down to touch the sea – a more than a postcard-worthy view and the perfect spot for a long lunch. From here, continue to cruise south, heading for the dazzling Amalfi coast, with the chance to stop off at Rome and Florence en route. Don’t miss the chance to meander through the honey coloured stone villages and vineyards of Tuscany, too…

vw camper


This one is for the adventurous traveller who has a little more time to spend. If you’re no stranger to a backpack and tent, then why not map out a hiking trail as a hands-on way to travel around Europe? You could plan your trip in border areas of multiple countries to see more places while covering less distance. Let’s not forget the stunning scenery Europe has to offer, too, whether it’s the Harz mountains in Germany or the Dalmatian coast in Croatia. Just be sure to choose trails you are fit enough and confident enough to complete, and have the right equipment and maps to hand.


Often popular with students and long-term travellers, coach tours can be one of the most economical ways to pack lots of places into one trip. Whether you’ll be crossing countries or simply diving into one, travel around Europe by coach if you enjoy meeting new people – you will be! It’s also worth deciding whether you just want the transport, or if you’d prefer to book a coach tour complete with an itinerary and scheduled scenic stops.

coach in Europe


Interrailing is a huge hit in Europe. Simply block out some dates on your calendar, pick up an interrail pass and book accommodation for along the way – try booking.com. If you want to travel around Europe by train, we recommend going in a group, whether that’s with family or friends. While it might be tempting to always choose the most direct trains, do your research before you set off. Perhaps some routes pass through some particularly scenic areas, so you won’t want to be fast asleep on an overnight train when you go through!



  1. I love how easy it is to travel around Europe without flying! These are great suggestions, I totally want to go by boat next time haha

  2. I think everyone should try all of these when traveling Europe! I have done all of these except driving myself! I always have wanted to drive but then I get so nervous, especially in countries where everything is on the opposite side of the road!!

  3. People automatically assume flying is the fastest/best way to go, especially as it seems to be getting cheaper and cheaper! But even though a drive/train might be slower, you don’t have to go through security or navigate your way in from the airport which is usually a million miles from the centre.

  4. I love the idea of cruising in Europe. Taking a cruise on the Mediterranean or a Rhine River cruise sounds like a blast. It’s nice to have so many choices for exploring rather than just flying and/or driving like in most of the US.

  5. I would add hitchhiking. Most European countries are hitchhiking-friendly and it’s a great way to travel if you can’t afford to travel. I have a sack of crazy fun stories from my hitchhiking tours even though I don’t travel this way that much 🙂

  6. I love getting around Europe by Caoch, it`s so easy and relaxed. Yes, they can be late, but they are usually really cheap and you get to see so much of the countryside. Great other suggestions, too! I need to do more boat trips in Europe.

  7. I’d say flying is probably the worst way to travel within Europe if you can avoid it. I’m a big fan of train travel, as that is often quick and it’s muuuuuch more efficient that driving, taking a plane, and in some cases, than taking a bus. In Germany at least, the ICE trains are powered by eco-friendly electricity, so you know you’re minimizing your damage to the environment from your travels.

    My girlfriend and I are getting into bike touring too, which is quite popular with the Germans. It’s also a great way to cover more distance and get around easier than hiking, as long as you’re on somewhat flat ground. Thanks for raising awareness of the, in my opinion, better forms of travel within Europe. Don’t forget about cycling, and be conscious of your footprint on the world, fellow travelers!

  8. I’ve mostly taken coach, which also included ferry to cross English Channel. I’ve taken the train too a few times! I love train travels the most! Early morning, standing the deck of the ferry with the cold wind blowing against the face, surrounded by miles and miles of sea is just wow!!!

  9. Interesting Post. I know flying may sound like the easiest option but simultaneously you miss so many views of the countryside. All the other options mentioned in your post seem likes fun and adventurous. So, surely gonna try these once planning a trip to Europe.


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