Ask most travellers and they’ll tell you Santorini is the most magical of all the Greek islands. And if you asked me a few months ago, I’d have agreed. But then Mykonos came onto my radar in a big way. So many people seemed to be visiting and Instagram was filled with inspiration. Not for the celebrities and parties, but for the blissful beaches, picturesque architecture and feel-good vibe.

Plenty of people will tell you Mykonos is Greece’s take on Ibiza. In other words, it has a reputation for being a party island. Now, holidays in Mykonos during covid-19 probably feel a lot different to most, so I didn’t have the opportunity to establish what the party scene was like. The island was quieter, there were fewer tourists and more restrictions in place.

For a so-called party island without the parties it’s infamous for, there was a surprising amount to do, and in my guide to holidays in Mykonos during covid-19, I’ll share a few of my favourites.

Where to stay in Mykonos 

The island may be small but that’s no excuse not to do your research. Where you stay will impact what’s available to do on your doorstep, so take the time to plan. Especially if you’re thinking of holidays in Mykonos during covid-19 – or anywhere, for that matter.

If you’re looking for a party and nightlife, stay in the city centre or on the south of the island near Paradise Beach. For total relaxation, head for the east coast instead.

Mykonos isn’t cheap. Most of the hotels are expensive but with that comes luxury. For budget friendly options, try a hostel in the city, or if you’re traveling with a group, get an Airbnb like I did. 

My Airbnb was near Ornos beach and it was amazing. A three bedroom villa with a private pool, with a great price tag, helpful host, daily cleaning services and the most beautiful views. For me, it felt like a much better choice than a hotel with a shared pool, especially for holidays in Mykonos during covid-19.

Getting Around Mykonos

There are three ways to travel around the island, so I’ll take you through each of them:


The main bus station is in Mykonos town and you can travel in virtually every direction from here, to the main beaches or even to stops close to big beach clubs.


Taxis are not easy to find and they’re so expensive! I found an app online called iMove, where you can find a driver (a bit like Uber but you have to pay in cash to the driver directly), but it was very slow, so definitely book ahead. I used that for the first few days but then it turned out our Airbnb had a personal driver who was always available right away. Result!

Renting a Car or ATV

This is a good option if you don’t drink, so you’re able to drive. But be warned: the roads in Mykonos can feel a little crazy, so take care.

What to do in Mykonos 

Visit a beach club 

The island is packed with them and each has a unique flavour to experience. I only visited two but I fell in love.  The first was Scorpios – a beach bar and a restaurant in the south of the island. It was one of the best places I’ve ever been.

The vibe, the food, the live music, the bohemian decoration… It was just everything I love. Unfortunately, because of coronavirus they were closing at midnight – in better times, I could totally sit there and wait for the sunrise. 

Hippie Fish was my second beach club visit. I was there for sunset and dinner and everything was so beautiful and magical. The vibe was super chilled.

If I’d been visiting for longer, Principote would also have been on my list. Their Instagram is amazing, so hopefully I’ll be able to head back soon!

Watch the sunset at 180 Sunset Bar 

This is definitely the best location to watch a sunset with an amazing view of the sea and Mykonos town. The bar itself is ok – it’s the sunset view that stands out.

This is definitely one to book in advance – price-wise you will end up the same, but I found reservations brought better service. There is a long line to get in and the fee is 20 euros, which goes toward your drinks and buys you access to this exclusive view.

Stroll around Mykonos town and watch the sunset at Little Venice

Greece is famous for its dainty white houses and  Mykonos is no different. The whole of Mykonos town is filled with white buildings with colourful doorways and window frames with flowers everywhere. It’s completely beautiful.

Get up early while everyone else is asleep and explore with the town to yourself. Even at midday, though, I still found empty spots without tourists – a perk of holidays in Mykonos during covid-19. There are a lot of shops, from small, independent gift stores to designer names like Prada or Louis Vuitton. 

Walking towards the sea, you will find gorgeous Greek windmills that have you reaching for the camera. The island is very windy and windmills once popped up almost everywhere. Today, there are only seven traditional windmills standing on a hill above the capital’s buildings. 

Little Venice is another lovely spot to tie into your itinerary, especially at sunset. Make sure you grab a drink in one of the cute cafes there.  

Head to the beach 

You can’t visit Mykonos and not visit at least one of the amazing beaches, no matter how good your hotel or villa pool is! We didn’t have a car, so we didn’t explore as much as we wanted, but since we stayed near Ornos Beach, there was one we could easily reach.

Ornos Beach was pretty busy but the water was so clear! I’ve explored a lot of beaches in Europe and honestly, this one was most alike the beaches I’ve seen in the Bermudas or Phi Phi Island. It was stunning!

I’ve heard that Paradise Beach and Super Paradise are great too, if you like to party and want the beats turned up all day. Head off the party track though and you’ll discover hidden gems like Flelia Beach or Panormos Beach. They exist in all corners of the island and I’m sure you’ll find some to share with us, too.

What to eat in Mykonos

Holidays in Mykonos during covid-19 or not definitely mean great Greek food should be on the menu. Here’s what I recommend:

    • Saganaki – fried cheese
    • Greek salad – tomatoes, cucumber, olives, feta cheese and peppers
    • Kofta  – balls of minced balls, similar to meatballs made of pork, beef or lamb
    • Moussaka – eggplant or potato based dish with beef or lamb (similar to shepherd’s pie)
    • Souvlaki – square pieces of meat or vegetables
    • Gyros – meat wrapped in flatbread with tomato, onion, tzatziki and fries
    • Tzatziki – yogurt and cucumber dip
    • Kopanisti – creamy, cheesy, and salty dip serve with pita
    • Fava – mashed fava beans
    • Tomatokeftedes – tomato fritters
    • Seafood 
    • Pastitsio – lasagne with Greek spices

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably checking out other reviews of holidays in Mykonos during covid-19 or otherwise online. It’s fair to say there’s a lot up for debate! I personally loved it and I hope I’ll get to go back there, but it’s not an island for everyone.

With a fun-loving, party vibe, it’s not really kid friendly. There are a lot of parties, and there’s a lot of walking on unstable ground. It’s also one of the most expensive places I’ve been so far, but if you want to keep it in budget it’s possible – you just might miss out on some of the magic.

Whatever your budget, the crystal clear water, amazing food, wonderful architecture and welcoming locals are worth booking a flight. Find out more in my honest account of flying to Mykonos during covid-19 and find out what to expect

Are you dreaming of holidays in Mykonos ?


  1. Greece is such a splendid destination. I have heard that Mykonos is one of the most beautiful places. The white houses look picture perfect and the photos are captured very well. I would love to plan a holiday to Greece, explore this beautiful place and eat some yummy Greek food.

  2. The problem is with Covid and governments, things change. Borders open and close. Its annoying for us travelers at the moment but fully understand it. Last year (2020) I think Greece were being as careful as poss with international travelers and Covid (plus they need the cash…but most countries do also..he he). Where I am from, the UK, we can’t leave these islands so no Greece at the moment (and I think Greece has banned the UK for the time being) but I am hearing whispers for a reopening to UK traffic in June as long as visitors have been stabbed…I am jabbed. So fingers cross. Regarding Mykonos, how I havent been here yet is beyond me. I got so many Greek Islands to conquer….soon! I be there! Dam this Covid!

  3. I have always wanted to visit Mykonos, but I know it’s a holiday you’d probably have to splurge on to be able to do it. You mentioned the lack of party scene because of covid, but I bet you had the chance to appreciate the beauty, scenery and company a bit more because of that! I’m glad to know that Mykonos is still accessible during this time… time to start saving!

  4. Mykonos without the parties seems like the perfect romantic getaway (while it lasts)! We plan to explore it for a day before we embark on a Cyclades trip to Milos and Naxos, these tips will be so useful. Your pictures are amazing by the way (and this pitta with Greek salad made me so hungry!)

  5. I’m not a party person, so I think it is a perfect time for visiting Mykonos. There were people but not too many as usual. Seems like the island was there for you and your partner. How lucky! I’m loving all the food you had, especially the one at Hippie Fish.

  6. Indeed Mykonos is incredibly gorgeous. That actually precedes Santorini in my wishlist. Thanks for the tips about accommodation. I think I’ll go east coast coz I need total relaxation. It isn’t cheap? Well, so I guess I need to set aside a budget for it. Your villa with the private pool looks splendid. The view, esp. night view from 180 sunset bar looks mind blowingly gorgeous.

  7. I’ve always avoided Mykonos because of the party reputation but interesting to read about the experience during the pandemic when numbers have dropped so much. I love those beautiful streets of whitewashed buildings with turquoise woodwork and link bougainvillea – the classic image of a Greek island village! And your list of food includes loss of my favourites!

  8. I have always creamed of heading to Greek islands and yes, Santorini was topping my chart. But I think I can reconsider after reading your blog. Mykonos seems perfect without too much party crowd due to the pandemic. I am in love with how you have portrayed the place here.


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