Singapore Zoo is one of the best zoos in the world. It’s a big statement, I know, but there’s a good reason: the animals here live in an open park. I didn’t get to see all of the animals when I visited, because they were hiding, sleeping and doing what animals do, but I did manage to capture some of those cute and beautiful creatures on camera to share with you.

I had a fantastic time at Singapore Zoo. Hopefully this photo tour will inspire you to visit too!

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What is your favourite animal at Singapore Zoo and why?


  1. I normally don’t like to go to a zoo but the zoo in Singapore does look very big and the animals seems to have a lot of freedome! Your pictures of the animals are so cute! I am sure my two years ild daughter would enjoy the Singapore zoo a lot!

  2. You did manage to capture some really good pictures of the wildlife in Singapore Zoo! I also like their night safari, although it is harder to see animals but they’re more out in the open and less in hiding during night. It’s a lovely experience!

  3. Singapore is one of my all time favorite destinations. The last trip I did to Asia I managed to spend some time there and went to the Night Safari which is next to the main zoo. While that was certainly enjoyable, you can imagine that my photos certainly did not come out anywhere near as good as yours. I can’t wait to see the zoo on my very next trip there…everyone says it is really so good…spread out with enclosures that provide lots of freedom to the animals. I haven’t yet visited anywhere in Singapore that wasn’t well done and I’m certain the zoo is no exception. Just love your photos.

  4. I am so glad that the Singapore zoo is an open park. I hate the traditional zoos where animals are confined to a tiny cage and look miserable. The sleeping kangaroo is so adorable. I am happy to see where zoos create a large, more natural habitat for the animals.

  5. I am always so hesitant about visiting zoos because I have heard so many awful stories, but I have never heard a bad word about the Singapore Zoo. It’s nice to see and hear that the animals do have a lot of space to move around and they seem to be treated quite nicely. I haven’t been to the Singapore Zoo before, but I hope to get there one day.

  6. Your animal photos look great. The landscaping done to the animal habitats mean that the pictures have appropriate backgrounds. Your post took me back to my childhood where zoo visits were the usual locations for our class trips.

  7. I love that the animals are free to roam in wide open areas and aren’t trapped in cages! The Singapore Zoo looks like a place I’d love to take my family! 🙂

  8. I don’t normally go to zoos when traveling alone but with my nieces and nephews around, we do visit zoos sometimes. Glad to know that the animals are in an open park. I do hope the animals are taken cared of and are in great condition.

  9. Indeed, Singapore Zoo is the best. Animals are freely roaming around the huge open zoo, not caged and they are all well-cared of. The zoo staffs are nice as well.

  10. Like others have said, I’m not a fan of animals in zoos. Having you mention that animals were left in peace, unable to be seen, if they chose relaxed me though!

    That baby elephant. Wow. Wow. WOW ?

  11. I am very curious to know how the open concept works in this zoo. Is it truly open with limited fencing? It is great if the animals do get to roam free. That is the way it is meant to be.

  12. Awwwwwnnnnnn. The animals looked good in their spaces. Thanks to the zoo management. With your pictures, there’s no evidence of animal mistreatment and I think that alone attracts me to this zoo. The Singapore Zoo is also clean. And your pictures are super clear.

  13. I really love Singapore! The city has so much to offer in such a small package! I never knew that they had a nice zoo there. You were able to take lots of great photos! It’s nice to see the animals are out and wandering. Normally, the animals are hiding or in tight cages. Looks like they are not that badly treated.

  14. We have visited Singapore Zoo a couple of years back. We found that it is very neat and well maintained. Though normally we do not visit or encourage zoos, as we prefer to see animals in their natural environment, the Singapore Zoo was an exception. We loved the cute little elephants.

  15. I love open zoos even if you don’t get to see all the animals. Singapore’s looks like so much fun with such a variety of wildlife. And so much better than those zoos with the animals who have gone crazy and now just pace the cages. Another reason to visit Singapore!

  16. I love the Singapore zoo for its interactive sessions. It is this engagement that makes it so different from a lot of other zoos and the open area that it has, adds to its lure. I loved visiting this one and would love to see it again if I can.


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