Movies give us a great escape from every-day life. In just two hours, we find ourselves exploring ancient temples with Indiana Jones, run half-way across the United States with Forest Gump, feel the magic of the animated world of Bedknobs & Broomsticks, and swim with tigers in Life of Pie. By the time the credits roll up, we’re eager to pack our bags and embark on a real-life journey through these magical worlds – and that’s what we’re abHoliday Destination Film Location: Weekend Trips for Movie Nerds

out to do! Yes, believe it or not, you can actually visit some of these beautiful film locations! Here are the top five destinations for movie nerds!

Warner Bros Studio Tour, London


Do you solemnly swear you’re up to no good? In that case you’re invited to walk through the Forbidden Forest on the Warner Bros Studio Tour in London. Rubeus Hagrid’s original costume awaits you at the entrance, his lantern guiding the way into the forest his Hogwart students were prohibited from entering. Huge trees with a diameter of more than 12 feet will tower over you and test your courage as you move deeper into the home of the Buckbeak and the Aragog. If you’re not too sure you can handle the darkness of the Forbidden Forest, keep it stylish and head to the Wizarding Wardrobes instead: the exhibition starts on July 21st, 2017 and will be on all the way until September. Here you’ll be able to marvel over the incredible costumes you’ve seen some of your favourite characters wear, including Hermione’s striking Yule Ball gown.

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Mini Hollywood Oasys, Almeria


During the 60s and 70s, Almeria’s desert-like landscapes established itself as one of the most popular film locations, especially for Westerns. This is where classics such as The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and Lawrence of Arabia were filmed, but even modern films and shows such as Penny Dreadful continue to revisit this area and make use of the stunning natural light and impressive landscape. MiniHollywood Oasys offers you the opportunity to walk the same dusty streets as Angel Eyes, and to learn about all the movies that were shot here in the park’s own Cinema Museum, where 213 billboard cinema posters are on display. To round off the perfect Western experience, you are invited to The Yellow Rose Saloon, where Can Can dancers will put on a show for you while you sit back and sip on your whiskey.

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Filmpark Babelsberg, Potsdam


You can’t really call yourself a movie buff until you’ve visited the world’s oldest film studio in Potsdam, Germany. This is the filming location of iconic movies like The Blue Angel, V for Vendetta, Inglorious Basterds and The Grand Budapest Hotel were filmed, and the park also offered the backdrop to some of Germany’s most famous children’s films such as Janosch’s Oh, wie schön ist Panama. The Filmpark Babelsberg is a fun outing for the whole family – while adults are invited to enjoy a dose of real, explosive action during the stunt-show in “Bartertown”, young film-enthusiasts can run off their energy in the jungle adventure playground. Once all these new impressions have sparked an appetite, the Prinz Eisenherz restaurant built on set of the 1997 Prince Valiant film with Katherine Heigl, offers an exciting dining experience for young and old.

Movie Locations Bus Tour, Los Angeles


There is plenty to see in Los Angeles, but if you’re a film fanatic, chances are you’ll be checking out all the sites wondering, “Wasn’t X filmed here?” To get these questions answered, your best bet is to book yourself a Movie Locations Bus Tour around the city – your tour guide will know everything there is to know about all the films that have been shot here. This 3-hour tour will stop at 50 movie scene locations, the scenes of which will be screened on a 65-inch television. You will stop at renowned locations such as Silverlake, Giffith and Echo Park, as well as Downtown LA to uncover some of the most iconic backdrops in films such as Iron Man, L.A Confidential and The Graduate. Don’t forget to bring a bucket of popcorn!

Mumbai Film City Tours


Have you always been fascinated by the colourful, musical world of Bollywood? If you’re answer is a loud and enthusiastic yes, then I’ll have you dancing around your living room with this next sentence: you can experience the true essence of Bollywood on a Mumbai Film City Tour! Spend up to three hours learning all there is to know about the history of Bollywood Cinema by ways of a documentary, a guided tour through a live shooting set, and a visit to the Bollywood Museum, which is home to a large variety of posters and photographs of famous actors and films. You will also be able to enjoy a live, Bollywood-style dance, snacks and refreshments, and a behind-the-scenes look at the world of movie making. To top it all off, you can have your picture taken with a Bollywood actor and get the chance to sing a song of your choice – so start lubricating those pipes people, you wouldn’t want to embarrass yourself now, would you?!


  1. I love visiting movie locations, favourites being Amelie and The Bourne Series in Paris, France. As a local in London, not sure if I want to visit the Harry Potter studios. A great boost for our tourism industry but I never been into magical themes like magic. 😀 Still I was happy to see the films being shot live at Kings Cross station in London during the making of the second film.

  2. I love watching movies. I would like to visit all these movie locations. They all look awesome. I am fascinated with how the film crew created and designed movie settings.

  3. These are tours my kids would be all over! Especially the one in London, Harry Potter is a favorite of our teenager! We see movie sets sometimes when we are in the mountains here in Alberta, and my daughter played an extra. Movie sets and tours bring us closer to the stars and those famous scenes!

  4. Movie locations are awesome! We did Hobbiton in New Zealand – so fun. Also visited Neighbours set in Australia. Yet to visit Harry Potter in London hopefully soon as it’s only down the road!

  5. Being a Indian i have seen so many beautiful locations in Bollywood movies and always want see those places in real life. but its not so easy to visit them all, but you have given a good suggestion to have tour of these studios.

  6. This is so awesome you did this! Honestly I’ve never really considered taking a movie set tour, this is such a great idea! Thanks!!

  7. It would be really cool to see where some of the most famous movies in the world have been filmed. I have done a small tour at universal studios in LA but have not gone anywhere else. I had no idea Potsdam had the oldest and also produced those movies either. Lots of incredible history and movies out there. It would be really interesting to see Bollywood as That is the one I hear the most about after LA.

  8. We are heading to the Warner Bros tour in a few weeks and can’t wait! We have wanted to go for a long time! I would love to do a movie tour of LA – we did a Sex and the City Tour in NYC which was amazing (TV I know but they did movies too!) Love to visit all these places!

  9. I really love visiting where movies are shot 🙂 Warner bros tour is of course on my list so I was glad to to find your article, at least I have got more info for when I’ll decide to finally go

  10. Great suggestions here, I’m a movie lover so I’d definitely enjoy all these places! I’m actually going to London next month and I really hope I can make it to the Warner Bros Studio, apparently, they just opened a new section of the Forbidden Forest that looks incredible!


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