Now that we’re steadily headed towards the spring season, all I can think about is tending to the travel-bug that has taken over my system once again. It’s the same story every year: as soon as the flowers begin to blossom, as soon as the sun graces us with its presence for longer than an hour a day, all I want to do is pack my bags and explore these wonderful spring-feelings in different parts of the world! Luckily, there are lots of great RyanAir deals for this wonderful season, so I’ve already put a list together for the top five destinations that have tickled my fancy. Will I be seeing you around?

London to Alicante

If you’ve always wanted to visit Spain in the spring time, now is your chance! The end of April is a great time to visit Spain as prices for accommodations will return to normal following the Semana Santa festivities which see nightly rates sky-rocketing. Between April 25th and 29th, you can get tickets for as little as £22! A weekend getaway from London, Gatwick to Alicante is doable for any budget – local restaurant and bar prices are cheap and accommodations suitable for any preference can be found easily via Airbnb or Alicante offers the best of both worlds: long stretches of sandy beaches for days spent baking in the sun and frolicking in the ocean; an exciting city full of exclusive boutiques, traditional tapas bars and nightclubs, and the perfect starting point for excursions to Murcia and Valencia.

Photo Credit : Jesús Alenda

Alicante to Newquay

If you’re a British citizen, surely you’ve heard of Cornwall, one of the top destinations for camping and beach holidays in the UK. But even those of you outside of England will have heard of this picturesque seaside county, seeing as it is often referred to in popular culture. Newquay quickly established itself as one of the most beloved holiday spots, especially for all those who enjoy the great outdoors and water-sport activities such as surfing. If you’re based in Alicante, or happen to be there at the end of March, cease the opportunity and book this RyanAir flight for just £14.99! For the best experience, book yourself into this lovely beach-house AirBnb – its bohemian chic interior will bring on the holiday vibes!

Photo Credit : Davide D’Amico

Manchester to Nuremberg

Feeling spontaneous? Then don’t miss out on this RyanAir deal! Book now and you’ll be sipping on a variety of world-famous German beers by Tuesday night. With this  flight out from Manchester costing you just £9.99, you’ll have plenty of extra pocket money to spend on sight-seeing and eating and drinking your way through Nuremberg. Often referred to as Bavaria’s Berlin, Nuremberg attracts all types of holiday-makers: nature-enthusiasts looking for their next hiking-fix, history-buffs ready to tour the city’s museums (House of Albrecht Dürer, Germanisches Nationalmuseum) and, of course, foodies looking for a scrumptious bite. For the latter, the Kuhmuhne comes highly recommended. Serving the best burgers in town paired with a variety of drinks from Nuremberg’s own Liquid Pharmacy, this unusual burger bar sets the tone for a fantastic first night.

Photo Credit : Ștefan Jurcă

Nuremberg to Budapest

Add a little planning to that spontaneity and you can catch a flight out to Budapest from Nuremberg next weekend – and at £9.99 a ticket, it’ll cost you less than the cab ride to the airport. Budapest is a beautiful city full of history and cultural attractions, and it also happens to be the perfect starting point for an epic road-trip across neighbouring countries, so a longer stay is definitely worth it. Slovenia, Austria and the Czech Republic are all within a three hour distance by car, but if you’re not into renting, you could always go country hopping by train. Budapest also seems to be a popular place to get dental work done – I know, I know, not the most romantic holiday motive, but hey, if you want to keep your Colgate smile pearly without going broke on UK dental prices, why not squeeze in a quick cleaning? Maybe book a separate “holiday” for that root canal, though.

Photo Credit : Moyan Brenn

Barcelona to Brussels

At £16.99 a ticket, this is another steal! Brussels is another superb launching base if you’re looking to cover several countries in a short amount of time. From here you can reach Germany, Holland and France in less than a couple of hours, all of which hold their own particular charm. But there’s no need to travel on further if you’d rather relax and stay put – Brussels has plenty to offer in terms of sight-seeing and bewitching little street cafes. And of course you can’t spend time in Brussels without trying their famous fries and mayonnaise. There’s even an entire museum dedicated to the friet – if you’re travelling with the kiddos, this definitely looks like a fun day out!

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  1. This is one of the reasons I have always wanted to live in London as there are so many great deals for travelling!!! Here in Australia even a good deal on an airfare is still going to cost you heaps!! Us aussie travellers get a little jealous of you guys over there 🙂 Happy travels 🙂

  2. I can imagine that Spring is ideal in so many places, especially after the mad rush of spring break and Easter vacay have tapered off. It’s really quite warm over here in coastal Ecuador, a great place for an unexpected beach holiday! Plus, it’s a good time to catch a glimpse of hatching sea turtles 😀

  3. Ahhhh, Europe! Those deals are definitely worth every cent. The destinations in the deals are perfect for us; we love cities that have carefully preserved cobblestone streets, white-washed houses, and intricate architecture.

    We would have booked these in a snap, unfortunately, we live in the Philippines. But who knows, perhaps we will have that chance. 🙂

  4. Oh how I wish I lived in Europe so that I could take advantage of these amazing deals. I would be going to a new country every other weekend, LOL.

  5. These deals are unbelievable. Such cheap prices are hardly found. I will make a note of this and plan my travels accordingly and save up on those hard earned cash. The flight costs make up for a major share of the travel costs, hence any savings there is always welcome.

  6. Wow those are real amazing prices ( cheaper than train tickets ) and great trips to do. To go to Alicante sounds amazing i would love to do that holiday one day. Thank you for sharing all this, i’ll save the ideas.

  7. So many awesome deals. Ryan AIr does not fly out of Vienna but Bratislava is close by where they fly from and friends have been able to get amazing deals and tickets to weekend getaways and even a week long trip.

  8. I get so jealous when I read about all these unbelievable flight deals! I live in Canada and we don’t have any budget airlines… sucks! I think if I lived in Europe I wouldn’t hesitate to leave for a short getaway in any of these places.


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