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Travelling to Mykonos During Covid-19

Ask most travellers and they'll tell you Santorini is the most magical of all the Greek islands. And if you asked me a few months ago, I'd have agreed. But then Mykonos came onto my radar in a big way. So many people seemed to be visiting and Instagram was filled with inspiration. Not for the celebrities and parties,...

Flying during COVID-19: London to Mykonos

When the world ground to a halt earlier this year, no one knew what the future held. It was unchartered territory for us all, and a long few months at home. In the beginning, flying during COVID-19 was at the back of my mind, it felt so far off. As borders reopened and flights took to the skies, I was...

5 Seriously Special Places To Stay In Santorini Available On Airbnb!

Big blue skies, immaculate azure oceans, dazzling white buildings… Santorini is an island that is stealing the hearts of almost everyone. From couples to island hoppers to honeymooners, it seems the romance of this island is impossible to resist. And when it’s natural beauty is enhanced by blue-domed churches dotting the cliffside and blue windows and doors punctuating the...

Where and what to eat in Santorini

What to eat in Santorini
I had the best time in Santorini but the highlight was definitely the food. I take you through my experience of eating Greek cuisine in Santorini restaurants that will help you when travelling to Santorini. If you are a foodie travelling and love Greek food, then I have everything you need.

7 days in Santorini

What to eat in Santorini
Santorini is a relatively small island, so some of you may wonder if a week is too much time to spend there - I would say, it’s just enough.

What to see in Santorini

Thinking of going to Santorini, and don't know what you should do on the Island. After covering every corner of the island, my guide to Santorini has you covered.



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