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11 Must-Do Experiences in Hong Kong

Whether you're a traveller, businessman or a gambler, there is a good chance your feet will land in Hong Kong at some point. The huge airport is one of the main interchanges, so even if you're only passing through between flights, you could experience the city. I adore Hong Kong, so today I'm here to convince you to do...

Staying at The Ritz Carlton in Hong Kong

One of the tallest hotels in the world, the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Hong Kong looks very impressive from the bottom. Located in the International Commerce Centre - the tallest building in Hong Kong - it's arguably one of the world's best hotels, and today I'm going to share my experience staying there. Getting to the Ritz Carlton Hotel Hail a...

24 Hours in Macau

Macau had been a Portuguese colony since the 16th century. Now the Macau Special Autonomous Region, you can still feel the influence of Portugal, intermixed with Asian cultural traditions and even a bit of a Las Vegas feel. The melting pot of cultures had me intrigued, so I spent 24 hours in Macau to find out what it was...

Staying at The Venetian in Macao

With a beautiful bridge, floating gondolas, cloudless blue skies and A/C, visiting Macau and admiring the Venetian Macao could even trump traveling to Italy itself! But seriously, let me tell you about my experience staying in the largest single structure hotel building in Asia - it's definitely worth writing home about. Getting to the Venetian Macao From the ferry terminal, you...



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