A country with coasts, cities and countless different landscapes and climates, it can be hard to know where to start when planning where to visit in the USA. The vast and varied nature of the USA is also what makes it so appealing to roadtrippers (myself included – more on that later!).

Here, I round up seven states that you simply must visit in the USA. So, if you do need to narrow down your destinations, consider this your traveller’s guide. Planning a road trip? Why not use these seven states as inspiration as you map your route? Let’s hit the road – next stop Tennessee!

1. Listen to live music in Tennessee

Home to Nashville, perhaps the most iconic place on the country music scene, Tennessee is an incredible state to experience in the southern United States. You’ll also find Memphis in the state of Tennessee, better known as the last home of music hero, Elvis Presley. No trip here should be without live music and line dancing to soak the culture up!

7 States To Visit In The USA

2. See the sights in New York

From the trendy Manhattan streets to the iconic Times Square, Central Park and Statue of Liberty, New York offers an experience both contemporary and historical. We recommend getting up early, grabbing a coffee with the locals and heading out for an action-packed day in the Big Apple. You’ll never run out of things to do in this buzzing city and state.

7 States To Visit In The USA

3. Try a new route in California

While celebrity hotspots Los Angeles and Malibu might be the first places that spring to mind, we’re pretty sure every tourist knows what to do in California’s towns and cities. So how do you make your visit in the USA a little more unique? You could venture out to Napa Valley, otherwise known as wine country, for a luxury retreat and wine tasting galore. Or, why not check out one of California’s expansive National Parks?

Fancy turning your time in California into a fully fledged road trip? Here’s exactly how a travel blogger did it, so you can too!

7 States To Visit In The USA

4. Live it up in Nevada

Looking for a fast paced and fun-filled place to visit in the USA? Then Las Vegas should be top of your American bucket list! But, once you’ve had your fill of clubs and casinos, why not head out to the Grand Canyon too? Although not technically in Nevada, it is only a short journey away. You can even get there by helicopter, if you want!

7 States To Visit In The USA

5. Wildlife spot in Alaska

Often dubbed America’s final frontier, if you want to visit Alaska, you’ll need to do some planning. Choose your season carefully – you don’t need us to tell you that winters this far north can be far from hospitable. But, make the journey and you’ll be rewarded with some of the richest wildlife and scenery. Visit during the salmon rush while bears, wolves and other wildlife are out feeding for some of the best chances to see them.

7 States To Visit In The USA

6. Island hop in Hawaii

Greece isn’t the only country with excellent island hopping credentials! Head to Hawaii and you can enjoy it too. From the thriving island of Oahu to the volcanic sights of Maui and sensational snorkelling on Big Island… there’s plenty to do. Or, simply lie back, eat lots and surf to your heart’s content!

7 States To Visit In The USA

7. Step back in time in New England

Herman Melville’s Moby Dick is to the USA what Shakespeare’s plays are to England. You’ll find the iconic setting of this novel in New England. A short ferry ride connects you with the island of Nantucket, traditionally a whaling industry hub. Now, it’s a charming island of buildings showing off some of New England’s prettiest architecture.

7 States To Visit In The USA

Wherever you go when you next choose a visit in the USA, make it memorable! One of the simplest ways to do this, whatever state you’re in, is with food. Why not check out this fast guide to eating out in the USA for the insider tips you need? Hint: we’re talking everything from pancakes to tipping to Thanksgiving style feasts!

7 States To Visit In The USA

What places do you most want to visit in the USA and why?


  1. You’ve just gone and got me so excited to road trip through the USA. Definitely happening in 2019, thank you for the last bit of inspiration and encouragement!

  2. It may look a bit weird, but Alaska is on top of my list in the US. I live in Finland and already seen almost all of Scandinavia. Now it is time to see how the North looks like on different continent. 🙂

  3. Island hopping in Hawaii sounds almost like a dream! It’s been on my list for so long. I just love that the culture is so rich and so different from the rest of the States. It’s a unique state, and I love that it has all the culture of the Pacific islands while still being a part of America!

  4. I would like to visit Californian, because of the everlasting and paradisiac beach. Besides i would like to get to know the culture of the people there, to see how they are. 🙂

  5. Technically, “New England” isn’t a state in the USA. It’s a region which is comprised of: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont.

    I’d love to add Colorado for Rocky Mountain National Park, and Wyoming for Yellowstone National Park. Florida for the everglades and Disney World of course 😉 I hope you come back and get to visit some more non-traditional areas of the US! (Though I do love that you added Alaska and Tennessee! <3 )

  6. Really nice Adrianna!!
    I consider the US the best country to travel for. It has everything: from stunning beaches, to wonderful cities, sky resorts and also incredible wildlife.
    I haven’t been to all those states yet but I loved Hawaii so much that I went there twice in less than six months 😉
    NY is always NY though.
    Cheers and safe travels.

  7. Really nice Post, your photos look amazing. The places that you recommend are very interesting, We are a couple that loves nature and in the US there are so many places to enjoy nature. Definitely, a country to visit.

  8. USA is really intimidating to me, because of the sheer size, maybe. I just can’t decide where to start with this continent. I would have to break it up into more manageable parts and decide which one fascinates me the most.

  9. What a great selection of places to visit. I went to the USA about 20 years ago and visited some of these places, but still want to return to visit Alaska and New England. Such a huge country with so many amazing things to see. Thanks for sharing. Ali

  10. Yes, USA is wide that one can’t even decide except with guides such as this. I like that Tennessee made the list. My friends and I are preparing for a trip to Tennessee for my birthday. It’s going to be live music and that I love?

  11. Very interesting that you mention Tennessee! That is one state I would have never thought about, although I have been there. I’m partial to California because it’s the state I grew up in, but it really does have a lot to offer in just one state! I’m not sure if I’ll ever make it to Alaska but I have heard that there is amazing nature there, like you mention.

  12. New England is a great region but, not a state! It should be though, it’s made up of a lot of little states. The US truly has something for everyone. California is amazing but, don’t forget about Arizona too 🙂 Its pretty iconic considering the Grand Canyon.

  13. This is a great list. Love that you included Tennessee because it’s my second favorite city in the US after NYC! And island-hop in Hawaii is always what I wanted to do, been to Honolulu a few times but still haven’t done it so definitely need to get on to it soon

  14. I love love love the USA and I have every single of those spots on my bucket list! I have been only to New York and California so far but I am planning to see it all 🙂 My dream is to take an RV and take a trip for 2 or 3 months… one day, I am sure 🙂


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