While we often talk about states we’d like to visit, how often do you focus in on USA cities? And if you do do that, how often does it get any further than a someday dream, without a real structure or plan?

Now is the time for all of that to change, because we’re exploring five USA cities to show off their best bits and help you plan your must-visit lists!

Live the high life in Los Angeles, California

Shop on Rodeo Drive. Strutt your stuff on the Malibu beaches (I recommend Malibu Surfrider). Go celebrity spotting in Beverly Hills. And when you’ve finished all of that, add a trip to see the iconic Hollywood sign, plus tours of all the best film studios, not to mention the glamorous drives in between, to your itinerary. Los Angeles is a vibrant Californian city, guaranteed to keep you busy!

Ready to relax? Check out the national parks in California for a wild retreat. Or, head north from California to the city of Seattle. It’s the perfect place for whale watching.

Embrace fast-paced fun in Las Vegas, Nevada

Not many USA cities stand amid vast deserts, but Las Vegas counts itself as one of them. While the dramatic Grand Canyon is just a short hop over state lines away, there’s also plenty to see, do and experience within the Las Vegas city limits.

The cacophony of casinos need no introduction, but don’t dismiss the street entertainers and nightly shows that give the iconic strip some serious excitement, too. And then there are the modern masterpieces, like the Keep Memory Alive Event Center, with a futuristic crumpling shape that has to be seen to be believed…

See the sights into New York

If you didn’t visit the Big Apple when you visited USA cities, where on earth did you go?! Visiting the landmarks – we’re talking The Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty and Central Park to name a few – may be tourist traps, but they are for good reason!

And there’s nothing quite like taking a moment to pause in the bustling buzz of Times Square, taking in the bright lights and busy lives whirling around you. We’re not saying your entire time in New York should be spent visiting landmarks, but do make time for them before discovering your own hidden gems. Downtown New York is calling!

Get your culture fix in Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is nothing short of awesome, and don’t let any traveller tell you otherwise. Boasting a lake-side location that ensures tranquillity is never far away, this city soars high into the sky with towering buildings. Find a rooftop bar or a top-floor restaurant to soak up the chic vista with a bird’s eye view. And while Chicago feels like one of the most modern USA cities, it’s also home to plenty of history. So, when you’ve had your fill of fine architectural views, make your next stops at the many art galleries for views of an altogether different kind.

Party in Miami, Florida

Miami is a melting pot of cultural fun – from Little Havana to the elite and ultra trendy hotels and clubs. Stay in Miami and you’ll have the fantastic Florida beaches, plus some of the hottest pool parties, to pick from. You’ll also find all the big (and luxurious) resort names, as well as the achingly cool and contemporary oceanfront W South Beach.

Whether you visit for a week or weekend, glamorous attire is essential, so get your heels and LBD ready! It might be worth throwing in a white dress too, because while white parties are a little done, they are super fun…

Find out why I fell in love with Latin food in Miami right here.

Want to explore more than one of these USA cities? Then why not roll them into a road trip! You can find out how I did it during my drive through California. Just make sure you know plenty of places to fuel up – and we’re not talking about the car! This guide to eating out in the USA will come in handy.

Have you visited any USA cities? What tips can you share?

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I’ve already been to New York and LA, but totally want to visit Las Vegas, Florida and Chicago one day. There’s so much to see and do in America, and I think you’ve chosen a great list of the top 5 cities one must visit.

  2. USA seems like a diversity country. I think in this list I will love to visit Los Angeles only because of California beaches. Although Las Vegas looks like a good place but only because of Grand Canyon.

  3. With so may great travel destinations in the USA, it is difficult to choose which cities to visit in a limited time. We’ve been dreaming of visiting California and Vegas because of national parks and Grand Canyon and we might add Florida to our bucket list. Thanks for your great list of must visit cities in the USA.

  4. I think you’d really be missing out if you didn’t go to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to learn about the history of the country. I also think you’d be missing out if you came to USA and skipped the southwest. Obviously the Grand Canyon is a must. I’ll tell you a secret; go to the north rim. It’s more remote but much more quiet and more rewarding than the south rim. If you have the chance, drive through northern Arizona and Utah. They are, in my opinion, the most beautiful of the southwest. Monument Valley is remote, but worth the drive. The great thing about the USA is every corner of it is different from the others. There’s something for everyone.

    • yes I agree. You can read in my other posts about my American road trips and how I visited all those places you mentioned. This post is more for first timers in USA or just suggestions to help people choose the right place to visit. Every city is special but I can’t just write about everything. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  5. I have done 3 of your 5 🙂 Would love to go back and see Chicago but Miami has never really been on my radar, perhaps because I live in a city full of beaches so tend not to take beach vacations. I loved NYC, have been twice (almost 2 weeks in total) there is so much to do you could stay months and not see it all. I really enjoyed visiting the outer boroughs like Brooklyn and Queens. There is so much more to New York than just Manhattan!

  6. Being from the USA, I’ve been to all of the cities but 1. I think you are right that they are iconic locations…but an avid traveller in the country, it would be great to lengthen the list! You can’t forget about New Orleans, Seattle, Boston, and Minneapolis…just to name a few 🙂

  7. I’d choose Chicago as the top city, those beaches are amazing. There is so much to do in Chicago that I regretted visiting fot just a weekend. I’d love to visit again. I’d love to visit Miami too but the city seems overhyped kind of. Born and bred in LA before relocating and I can testify to the wonders of an LA trip.

  8. Agree that they are all must-visits for foreigners. Have lived in both NYC and Chicago and loved both cities.
    Personally, Vegas is not particularly interesting in itself but Grand Canyon is certainly the reason to actually go. These five cities are ones I’d go again and again.

  9. All of these are great cities! New York and LA are some of my favorite places ever. I would definitely add Phoenix, AZ and Philly as well. I grew up outside of Philly – there is so much cool, historic stuff!

  10. What I like about this list of cities is the fact that each of them have a character of their own. Each city has something unique and different to offer. But somehow I am drawn towards the deserts of Nevada and it is Vegas, one of the most happening cities in the World for me as tops.


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