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How to Spend Three Days in Budapest

My trip to Budapest was one of the most spontaneous trips of my life. There were bank holidays coming up in Poland, so I decided to book a ticket three days before the trip. I've always wanted to visit Budapest, but somehow it never got to the top of my list. Now I'm living so close to the city,...

5 Best European Cities For Culture

There is so much to love about a European city getaway. Short-haul flights serviced by budget-friendly airlines make them ultra accessible without eating into your annual leave allowance. They also leave you maximum time to explore when you get there. So, if you’re on the hunt for the best European cities for culture on your next weekend away, check...

The Fast Guide To Eating Out in Europe

From Eastern European flavours to intense Italian indulgences and French fine dining, eating out in Europe has so much to offer every traveller. Petite portions In Europe the portion sizes are generally much smaller than you would find in the USA, for example. Feel free to order a small appetizer or starter, followed by a main dish and dessert. The smaller...

How to see more during your next weekend in Europe

road trip
With most people limited by set holiday allocations each year, we’re always looking for ways to see and do more in less time. This time, the focus is on how you could explore more places during one weekend in Europe. Whether you want to follow your taste buds on a foodie, cultural trip, or hit the city and then wrap...

Experience the best nightlife in Europe in these 5 cities

nightlife in europe
For a night out like no other, you need to experience the best nightlife in Europe, where you'll find ruin, rooftop and riverside bars…

Five of the most beautiful beaches in Europe

waves crashing on a beach as the sun sets on the horizon
Short-haul beaches in Europe that you can visit this summer for a taste of the tropics near the UK, with white sand, turquoise sea and some real hidden gems

European Cuisine – Tasty Dishes from 10 Different Countries

One of the best parts of going on holiday is trying new food and recipes you may have never heard of. European cuisine has a whole world of scrumptious dishes to offer, so I figured I would do you all a favour and treat you to a list of the most delicious foods from ten European countries. Berenjenas con Miel...



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