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Hiking to Morskie Oko in Poland

Morskie Oko is the largest and most beautiful lake in the Polish Tatras mountains, lying in the upper part of the Valley of Rybi Potok. It is located at an altitude of 1395m above sea level, opening up breath-taking views. Hiking to Morskie Oko takes about 18km both ways - longer if you decide to walk around it, or...

How to get from Krakow to Zakopane

Poland is becoming more and more popular as a tourist destination. It's not only full of traditions and rich in history, but also is affordable and beautiful. But whenever someone visits Poland, one question seems to surface: “Should I visit Warsaw or Krakow?” Each of these cities is great, but if you decide to visit Krakow and read my article...

9 Of The Best Places To Eat In Krakow

Being Polish, I’m no stranger to questions about my home country’s local cuisine. People always ask me, “You're from Poland, so what's the food like over there?”. Well, I have good news for you - the food is great! Yes, some of the dishes are very heavy, but they’re worth it. Although, that being said, no restaurant will ever...

The Top 13 Things to Do in Krakow

What to see in Krakow
For me, arriving in Krakow was love at first sight. I wonder what it will be like for you? I went there for the first time in 2009. After sitting out eight hours on an overnight train, I was so excited to see the city everyone was talking about. History classes had filled my head with the old town vibe...

How to get to Krakow and how to travel around the city

travelling to Krakow
When you consider that it’s the second largest city in Poland, it’s not much of a surprise that Krakow is easy to get to. You’ll find this fantastic city in the southern part of Poland, ready and waiting to steal your hearts. There are four easy ways to get to Krakow, and once you arrive, there are diverse public transport...



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