Where to Visit in South America

South America is fast becoming a favourite destination and tour operators and travel companies are jumping on board, making it easy to plan your trip. Already a hotspot for adventure-seekers, wildlife enthusiasts and culture buffs will also find a slice of South America to fall in love with. But, with so many landscapes, cities and countries to choose from, just...

Visiting Kerry in Ireland Part II

What to do in Kerry Kerry has to be one of the best places to visit in all of Ireland. It's easy to reach, has a whole host of accommodation options and a combination of mountains, lakes and coast that are hard to beat. Once you've checked out my guide to getting there, you're ready to plan what to do...

Visiting Kerry in Ireland – Part I

Are you someone who, after watching a romantic comedy based in Ireland, couldn’t stop dreaming about going there? I was, and I’m sure I’m not alone! The film that caught my eye was Leap Year, in which a girl travels to Ireland to propose to her boyfriend. She starts her journey in county Kerry in a town called Dingle, and...

Things To Do In The Faroe Islands

Denmark came under the travel radar in a big way last year thanks to the rise of ‘hygge’, the Danish lifestyle trend that the rest of the world couldn’t resist. But there’s more to this nation than its capital city of Copenhagen and coastal mainland destinations. In this blog post, I’m going to explore the Danish Faroe Islands.Located in...

3 Days in Singapore

When I was boarding the plane in Bali, I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came back to the Indonesian island. It was a short holiday, but I loved Bali and even though I haven't explored that much of it yet, I still found it beautiful and fascinating. But the final leg of our trip beckoned - next...

Indonesia Island Hopping

Southeast Asia has been in the spotlight for everyone from backpackers to luxury travellers in the last few years, and Indonesia is no different. This island range was formed by volcanic activity, leaving staggering mountains, lush canopies of forest and once-in-a-lifetime wildlife in its tracks. Add to that the amazing beaches each island is home to, and you can...

My Holiday In Bali

It was time to leave Malaysia and head off on holiday in Bali! We took an Uber and even though we drove for almost an hour it was still pretty cheap. The driver left us at the international terminal of the airport, which doesn’t operate Air Asia flights. We did panic a little bit at this point because we...

10 Best Things To Do In Bali

“The most romantic place on Earth” - Bali is the lucky destination to so often be described this way. If you visit, you’ll see exactly what everyone means when they say so. I did, and it was impossible to disagree. Every way you look on Bali, there’s beautiful fauna and flora, long and wide beaches, jungles, wonderful resorts and stunning...

3 Days in Kuala Lumpur

When you only have three days, it’s worth focussing on the top 10 things to do in the city you are travelling to. That’s exactly what I aimed to do when I spent three days in Kuala Lumpur. Even with a little rain messing up a few of my plans, I still managed to tick almost everything on my...

Southeast Asia: Where To Go

Whether you’re joining the gap year backpacker craze or planning a round-the-region trip, here’s the lowdown on where to go in Southeast Asia. Thailand From buzzy Bangkok to the tourist favourite of Phuket and the many paradise islands (try Koh Samui and Koh Phi Phi), Thailand has so much to offer every traveller. Exciting cities, tropical beaches, elephant sanctuaries... and let’s...




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